Carbon Offsets for Dummies

The Carbon Credit Offset Scam Explained

I’ve been waiting for someone to make a video like this. This, is how much sense Al Gore’s Carbon Credit scam makes. Tom Nelson found it.

In the Do As I Say Cult, all that matters is that you feel good about yourself. They don’t seem to understand, a fart is a fart. And just because some other guy is paid not to fart in another country, it doesn’t cover up the fact that you farted here. (and probably a lot more than the normal person)

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3 Responses to “Carbon Offsets for Dummies”

  1. Klockarman Says:

    This new post at my blog, GORE LIED, is perfect for your blog. I thought you might want to post it.

  2. Karbon Kenny Says:

    Get a free carbon offset certificate. Amuse yourself and others.

  3. Lawman2 Says:

    love it man!

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