China Building 500 Coal Plants

At the two minute mark of the video below, from Australia, we learn that China is building 500 coal plants over the next ten years — One new power plant every four days.

China is  exempt from KYOTO

Think About it!

In Ontario, Canada, the govt. is filling rural Ont. with wind turbines under the guise of saving the environment and closing our four coal plants. ( wind has never been responsible for the closure of any fossil fuel plant)

We are going to close four coal plants at the same time China builds one every four days.

Think About it!

In the USA Obama said he will bankrupt the coal plants.

Think About it.

The Scam is Huge


it’s not about saving the environment and it’s not Green

Think About it!

Where is Maurice Strong? Father of Kyoto and Mentor of Al Gore and David Suzuki


Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the
industrialized civilizations collapse?
Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about
Maurice Strong, former Secretary General of UNEP

Think About it!

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One Response to “China Building 500 Coal Plants”

  1. Rural Grubby Says:

    This is profound. It just basically tells us here in Ontario and across Europe, that no matter what we do to combat GHG emissions, our efforts will be squashed by the huge economies of China. Although I would like to see China use clean coal technoligies, I do not want to withhold any of the developing countries from being able to prosper based on western ideology. This is basically telling starving people in Africa that their value is less important than perserving our environment. i.e. these environmentalist are saying that if we remove the people than the planet is saved. Saved for what??? are people not part of the environment???

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