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Not in my Backyard Jane Pepino

February 27, 2009

Not in My Backyard – The Jane Pepino Story

Ron Stephens

February 25, 2009

I met Ms. Pepino during the 2007 OMB hearing in Kincardine Ontario, where she represented Enbridge in their quest to install a large 110 turbine wind farm in the Municipality of Kincardine, Ontario.

Ms. Pepino proved to be a formidable force for the people trying to defend their property and enjoyment thereof.

After a lengthy seven week hearing the OMB ruled in favour of Enbridge who subsequently erected the wind turbines.

Feb. 7th, 2009 Ms. Pepino gave a presentation concerning the proposed Honeywood wind farm in the township of Mulmur. Ms. Pepino owns property near the proposed wind farm.

During the presentation, Ms. Pepino brought forward, many of the same concerns brought forward by the citizens of the Municipality of Kincardine where she represented Enbridge in 2007.

Did Ms. Pepino learn the truth about the Wind Industry and the inadequacies of the MOE guidelines during the seven week OMB hearing?

Or, is Ms. Pepino just another NIMBY trying to do the same thing as the citizens of Kincardine – protect her property and enjoyment thereof.

The Toronto Hamptons

It’s the city’s best-kept secret: Everyone from Andy Barrie to Jane Pepino has a place in Creemore

“Ms. Pepino, who leads the hectic urban life of a prominent lawyer during the week, has been spending weekends at “the farm” since 1990.

She was drawn to her place near the hamlet of Honeywood not just because of the peace and quiet, but for its proximity to the city and because she and her family can use it year-round.”

“I wanted peace and quiet”

Peace and quiet is what rural Ontario is about for most that have chosen to live there.

Is Ms. Pepino more deserving of peace and quiet than other residents of rural Ontario are?

Excerpt from CORE (Conserve our Rural Environment)Newsletter November 9th 2009
CORE is raising outstanding concerns directly with the proponent, and will be requesting an elevation if these are not satisfactorily addressed. However, it is imperative that individuals do the same: Eolectric must understand its proposal has impact on this community, and the Township of Mulmur must understand the details of those concerns in preparing its response as well. A copy of the Notice of Completion, with all necessary information is attached.

Please provide copies of all correspondence to:


c/o N. Jane Pepino

Aird & Berlis LLP

1800 – 181 Bay Street, Box 754

Toronto, ON M5H 2T9


All requests for elevation by others to date – Denied

Ms. Pepino is a powerful lawyer with powerful friends. Can Ms. Pepino and Core be the first to have their elevation request accepted?

If the request is granted what does it really say about due process in Ontario?

Excerpt from Minutes of PLANNING ADVISORY COMMITTEE – TOWNSHIP OF MULMUR- September 10, 2008

Jane Pepino (JP). CORE. Bob Duncanson (BD). CORE. Stephen Headford (SH) JP feels that Mulmur Township is the wrong place for this project.

Is Mulmur Township the wrong place for this project? – 5 wind turbines compared to the 110 installed in Kincardine Township- Does the “Toronto Hamptons” and the people who live there feel they and their concerns are more important compared to the rest of the citizens of Ontario.

What are some of the concerns of Jane Pepino and Core?

Excerpt from CORE Presentation Feb 7th, 2009



Property devaluation

Shadow Flicker Study incomplete, uses distant
data source, not local

Visual Impact Analysis – not prepared in
accordance with Township Guidelines; being

peer reviewed

Insufficient setbacks for safety – ice throw,

blade throw, structure topple

Offers to lease unfair to property owners
If “non participating”- i.e., no turbine, payment estimated
to be $40 per hectare–about $800/ year for 50 acres.
Can be cancelled anytime by Geilectric– right after zoning,

Places a “gag” on owner, yet notice registered on title,

effecting marketability
Binds owner to sign a lease that is not attached-

Who pays taxes? Insurance? Decommissioning?

What if Geilectric goes bankrupt? Sells to another wind company?

Has the potential to bind land beyond 20 years– review of

compensation levels? Planning Act approvals?

Effectively restricts ability to get, or use, severances

These are the same concerns brought forward at the Enbridge/Kincardine OMB hearing in 2007 and every other wind farm proposal in Ontario

Does Ms. Pepino believe her concerns are substantially different from anyone else’s? Does she believe that she has a greater right to retain the enjoyment and valuation of her property over that of others? Alternatively, does she know something the rest of us do not?

If everyone else fighting for his or her rights can be referred to as NIMBY’S doesn’t that make Ms. Pepino one of us?

If so, let me be the first to welcome Ms. Pepino to the growing community of NIMBY’s. (Not in back yard)

I suggest all wind farm applications be put on hold until the Honeywood wind farm has been dealt with.

Ron Stephens

Environment Minister:

February 27, 2009


Proud to have some Irish running through my veins! The “Greens” don’t like it when someone talks truth.


Environment Minister: Climate change is a ruse to push draconian policies and high taxes

Environment Minister Sammy Wilson has claimed the Labour Government is using climate change to push through draconian policies and high taxes.

Sammy Wilson, of the Democratic Unionist Party, ridiculed ideas such as a carbon credit card and other moves focusing on emissions.

He clashed with Whitehall earlier this year after objecting to a climate change advert from London which mentioned carbon.

He said: “I can understand why it is important that the message be gotten over by a government which has now so many policies, so many intrusive policies.

“I can understand why they want to get the subliminal message over. That’s the only way the Government is going to succeed in getting people to accept the draconian increases.”

He said these increases included taxation and challenges to people’s ability to travel.

Mr Wilson was appearing before the Stormont Environment Committee which recently passed a vote of no confidence in him over the climate change adverts row.

He dismissed part of it as “insidious” government propaganda and questioned the idea that turning off a light could save the world.

In 2006 then environment secretary David Miliband suggested carbon credit cards could be issued as part of a nationwide carbon rationing scheme.

An annual allowance would be allocated, with the card being swiped on various items such as travel, energy or food.

Mr Miliband said people who used less than their allowance could sell any surplus to those who wanted more.

Mr Wilson alleged: “Those are the kind of policies which are being put forward to get people to accept that, then you have got to persuade them that there’s some drastic things coming down the road.”

The minister has faced criticism from environmental groups and members of the committee.

However, the Democratic Unionist Assembly member for East Antrim put in a pugilistic performance today in defending his attitude to the climate change adverts.

He added: “When a minister from Westminster says it doesn’t matter what the view of the devolved administrations across the UK are, we have decided on this, we are not even prepared to enter into a discussion … I think I was probably standing up for the rights of the devolved administration.”

More on this Story

Wind Farm Residents Speak Out!

February 26, 2009

Mr. McGuinty,

This is my third letter to you, our government’s top representative, regarding the serious health problems incurred and occurring to the residence within the Ripley Wind Project since the last week of November 2007. In the first letter dated July4, 2008 I informed you, my government, of variables which have changed for the families effected as well as potential solutions. The two that have caused us harm are: 1) Our Hydro One neutral line was removed and replaced by the grounding system for the E-82 variable speed industrial turbines. Our neutrals were bonded to this system. 2) The enormous blades of the industrial turbine began rotating above the height of our homes and near our homes. Due to these changes we experienced and still experience severe health problems, some of which are: sleep disturbances, sleep deprivation, the sensation of you skin crawling or being bit, humming in the head by the ears, ringing in the ears, headaches, heart palpations, digestive problems, nose bleeds and increasing severity of not feeling well. Mr McGuinty while reading this correspondence imagine your family’s normal healthy home environment changing to start causing the above problems and trying to reach out to the companies and government to solve the problems. You envision in the 21st century you could obtain help for your health, trust me it will not be there. The companies were asked for health protocol since the spring of 2007 (none provided yet) and were asked that their PR rep due a community health survey to ensure the health of all Ripley neighbors were considered, too, (none was done). After 5 months of severe symptoms we begged for sleep and were billeted in town paid for by the windmill company. Our homes were totally disconnected from and isolated from Hydro One and put on standalone generators for months. We were very ill from the effects of the unfiltered power (electrical pollution) and the blade sound and vibrations coming into our homes, but, some improvement was noted. Two small sections of high voltage lines were buried passed our homes, which helped to some extent. Our homes are still not the healthy environments we experienced for some 19 to 36 years prior to Nov. 2007. Your home Mr. Guinty is it still healthy? Each of the above facts, I have informed your office by phone. July 14, 2008 A response to the first letter was received indicating concern. Also, Min. John Gerretson would reply. Nothing! August 13, 2008 Cheryl from your office said to fax the Premier if no follow-up occurred. August 14, 2008 I sent two letters. In one I lodged the following, “ I am lodging a formal or official complaint regarding the health and safety of my family and all the families within the Ripley and any other wind project of any size in Ontario. “ August 20, 2008 You (our top level of government) replied and thanked me for my letter regarding our personal situation. My concerns were important to you and the. Min. of the Environment was supposed to have sent a response Sept. 19, 2008, but, according to, John, your communication person “my secretaries must have lost it”. John was to send me a copy as of Dec. 23, 2008. The response is still not here and we are still being harmed. So the overall goal of the green energy act is important, but, to ignore and exclude health of the population living within the set up and running of projects is down right silly. When does an elected body ignore the voices of the people who are having their health severely affected? This is an example when good government bodies are suppose to come to the rescue of the voter being harmed. Now, mistakes in judgment have been made in the Ripley Wind Project that should be immediately and fully corrected AND NOT REPEATED anywhere across the province for the sake of an act which will override the honest concerns of voters and municipalities regarding harm to anyone’s health. Sincerely, Mrs. [available on request] and neighbours To Our Huron Bruce Community and the province at large, Call your local M.P. We need the support of our neighbours to tell our government to get the companies to fix this mess and insist that the health of all Ontarian’s within green project big or small have an impartial and scientific health survey done so what is happening to us will not happen to a loved ones family. We have been 15 months reaching out to the companies and levels of our government for help. Call your local M.P.. Thank you, Mrs. S. [available on request] and neighbours.

Ripley Ont. Wind Farm

Ripley Ont. Wind Farm


A few miles north is the Enbridge wind farm Kincardine

Enbridge wind farm Kincardine Ontario

Enbridge wind farm Kincardine Ontario

Video Viewed 12,000 Times

February 26, 2009

Scandalous Comments

February 26, 2009

Editor: I received the story below via e-mail and I would like to add to it.

The Ripley Suncor wind farm has been a big health problem for the people living there. Some spent months living away from their homes waiting for the problems to be fixed. Two years later people are still suffering.

I called the Director of Health for my area and requested a team go to  the Ripley wind farm to document the health problems found there.

To my request the Director said “no”

He told me the problems were “in their heads”

He went on to tell me he had talked to someone from Sky Power and was told that people who don’t like wind turbines suffer psychosomatic problems.

When medical directors start accepting the diagnosis of the wind industry.  Well, we’ve got problems.

Scandalous Comments made by Mr. Brian Howe – HGC Engineering

Mr. Brian Howe, an engineer and partner in Mississauga-based HGC Engineering Ltd., has recently been instrumental in developing Best Practices Guidelines for the Canadian Wind Energy Association for use in the development of Wind Energy projects.

At a recent forum on Health and Wind Turbines held in Essex County, Mr. Howe insisted that he knows there are no “real” health risks and all the complaints must be “psychological” in nature. (Excuse me, is he presuming to pronounce on clinical and behavioral matters? What medical or clinical qualifications does Mr. Howe have?)

He then cautioned Essex Council that “should be careful about holding debates like this because by making people aware, it would only increase the “psychological” cases into complaining.”

This was then further reinforced by Brian Howe who suggested that those who are complaining can actually be “trained” to accept the noise.

So, let me see if I get this……. Don’t upset the cattle by making them “aware”. If so, perhaps they can be “trained” to have their quality of life stolen from them and their rural communities raped.   This is the arrogance that drives the wind industry.

Ripley Ont. Wind Farm

Ripley Ont. Wind Farm


February 26, 2009

Ontario has 887 MW’s of  wind capacity.

I checked the stats at 10pm this morning and the wind turbines were producing 10 MW’s -1.13%

1.13% would be a nice interest rate but we are talking about electrical generation.

McGuity and Smitherman and anyone else that votes in favour of the Green Energy Act are one of the two things. They are completely ignorant or they are part of the scam.

Either way these clowns need to be removed from govt.

Keep track of the votes and make an all out effort to make sure these traitors never see the inside of the halls of govt. again.

1.13% of the plated capacity does not cut it!


Is the govt. being honest about wind energy?

Yes (229)
No (1005)
Don’t Know (89)

Total votes: 1323


Dalton McGuinty – George Smitherman

February 25, 2009

Green - Greed - Fascism

Green? - Greed? - Fascism?

Visit Keep Whitney Wild

Wind farms are proof positive

February 24, 2009

Ron Stephens

Wind farms are proof positive of one thing. The truly ignorant will buy into anything if properly promoted.

Go ahead, ask a promoter of wind farms or the govt. to provide you with real data. They either can’t or won’t, because if they did they would expose the scam. All they have to offer is empty rhetoric served up in small sound bites in the media. Just like a feel good ad from a fast food outlet.

Enbridge wind farm Kincardine Ontario

Enbridge wind farm Kincardine Ontario

No, this is much more important than wind farms. This is about the depths of stupidity that the average Canadian has allowed themselves to sink.

When a govt. says it is taking away the rights of Municipalities and citizens and know one seems to care – We are all in big trouble.

Regardless of your feelings about wind turbines, what are you feelings about democracy and due process. Are you willing to give up your rights and those of your neighbours? That is the fundamental question that is begging to be addressed at this time.

The question is not – are your for or against wind farms. The question is – do you believe in Democracy and are you willing to defend your rights and the rights of others?

For citizens of the Province of Ontario and Canada this is the fundamental question. Has Democracy lost it’s value?

If you are looking for some educational material that may help you understand what is at stake please drop by The information has been read by the govt. and accepted as accurate. (It is sent to govt. on a periodic basis for their evaluation and the govt. has been given permission to request changes if they feel the data is inaccurate. The govt. also visits this site on a regular basis- site tracker)

David Suzuki and Campaign Finance Questions

February 23, 2009

David Suzuki and Campaign Finance Questions – Politics does, indeed, create strange bedfellows

Well.. never one to leave a dead horse, well, unbeaten, I did some more looking into our new Davidian leader, David Suzuki and his little foundation.

According to the David Suzuki foundation annual report from 2006/2007, these contributors gave his foundation over $1 million:

Stephen R. Bronfman Foundation – heir to the Seagrams empire, and fundraiser for Stephane Dion – happens to give over $1 million through his foundation to David Suzuki, who, well, just happens to get on his bus, with a big logo saying, “If YOU were the Prime Minister” and then drives around Canada complaining about the Conservative governments, and, in the period leading to the election he just happens to, well, support the Liberals and slam the Conservatives and the NDP.

Power Corporation of Canada – as already discussed, the major financial service corporation in the Country, operating Canada Life, Great West Life, London Life, Investors’ Group, and, apparently, making a lot of money in China.. which economy will benefit greatly when western countries are pressed to adopt ridiculous environmental protocols while China ignores adopting any whatsoever.

Beyond that, well, could Power Corporation of Canada have ties to the Liberal Party as well.. hmm.. well, let’s see.

Former Prime Minister Paul Martin, was hired in the 1960s to work for Paul Desmarais, Sr. by Maurice Strong. Martin then became President of Canada Steamship Lines, a subsidiary of Power Corporation of Canada, until he made a very provident purchase, acquiring CSL in 1981 and making a fortune as an owner of CSL. I’m sure that he owed no thanks whatseover to Power Corporation of Canada.

Read more at Seaching for Liberty


February 23, 2009

This movie was made in 1976 and warns us of what to expect in the future.
The future has arrived.
After the first Earth Day there was a string of films all foretelling the NWO.
In this first clip Howard Beale talks about the oil embargo- a hoax.
Just like Global warming. The elites have been slowing moving society toward the NWO using one manufactured crisis after another. Crisis – Solution

In the second clip the future is explained to Mr. Beal. Howard then goes on air to tell the people that democracy is dead. That reality is staring at us today.

The last clip is where every body should be today. Mad as Hell!
Other movies with the same message from the 70’s that you should watch are Soylent Green and Logan’s Run and read 1984 and Cloak of Green
The elitists never try to hide there intentions. IN PLAIN VIEW!
All you have to do is pay attention and Wake Up to the Reality that is Staring at You