This movie was made in 1976 and warns us of what to expect in the future.
The future has arrived.
After the first Earth Day there was a string of films all foretelling the NWO.
In this first clip Howard Beale talks about the oil embargo- a hoax.
Just like Global warming. The elites have been slowing moving society toward the NWO using one manufactured crisis after another. Crisis – Solution

In the second clip the future is explained to Mr. Beal. Howard then goes on air to tell the people that democracy is dead. That reality is staring at us today.

The last clip is where every body should be today. Mad as Hell!
Other movies with the same message from the 70’s that you should watch are Soylent Green and Logan’s Run and read 1984 and Cloak of Green
The elitists never try to hide there intentions. IN PLAIN VIEW!
All you have to do is pay attention and Wake Up to the Reality that is Staring at You

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