Wind farms are proof positive

Ron Stephens

Wind farms are proof positive of one thing. The truly ignorant will buy into anything if properly promoted.

Go ahead, ask a promoter of wind farms or the govt. to provide you with real data. They either can’t or won’t, because if they did they would expose the scam. All they have to offer is empty rhetoric served up in small sound bites in the media. Just like a feel good ad from a fast food outlet.

Enbridge wind farm Kincardine Ontario

Enbridge wind farm Kincardine Ontario

No, this is much more important than wind farms. This is about the depths of stupidity that the average Canadian has allowed themselves to sink.

When a govt. says it is taking away the rights of Municipalities and citizens and know one seems to care – We are all in big trouble.

Regardless of your feelings about wind turbines, what are you feelings about democracy and due process. Are you willing to give up your rights and those of your neighbours? That is the fundamental question that is begging to be addressed at this time.

The question is not – are your for or against wind farms. The question is – do you believe in Democracy and are you willing to defend your rights and the rights of others?

For citizens of the Province of Ontario and Canada this is the fundamental question. Has Democracy lost it’s value?

If you are looking for some educational material that may help you understand what is at stake please drop by The information has been read by the govt. and accepted as accurate. (It is sent to govt. on a periodic basis for their evaluation and the govt. has been given permission to request changes if they feel the data is inaccurate. The govt. also visits this site on a regular basis- site tracker)


One Response to “Wind farms are proof positive”

  1. graemebird Says:

    There seems to be an automatic link generated to my site where I am promoting wind power in one article only. I want to state for the record that I agree with you. That it is a disgrace that this technology is being subsidised. And that it will be only economic in a very few circumstances.

    Matt Simmons thinks he’s found a sweet spot off the coast of main where there is a mini-cyclone that blows all winter. That looks to be an economic spot. In Tasmania we have the roaring 40’s and up in Cooktown we have pretty consistent winds off the sea.

    But its a loser in most cases and the main thing is to cut off the subsidies.

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