Scandalous Comments

Editor: I received the story below via e-mail and I would like to add to it.

The Ripley Suncor wind farm has been a big health problem for the people living there. Some spent months living away from their homes waiting for the problems to be fixed. Two years later people are still suffering.

I called the Director of Health for my area and requested a team go to  the Ripley wind farm to document the health problems found there.

To my request the Director said “no”

He told me the problems were “in their heads”

He went on to tell me he had talked to someone from Sky Power and was told that people who don’t like wind turbines suffer psychosomatic problems.

When medical directors start accepting the diagnosis of the wind industry.  Well, we’ve got problems.

Scandalous Comments made by Mr. Brian Howe – HGC Engineering

Mr. Brian Howe, an engineer and partner in Mississauga-based HGC Engineering Ltd., has recently been instrumental in developing Best Practices Guidelines for the Canadian Wind Energy Association for use in the development of Wind Energy projects.

At a recent forum on Health and Wind Turbines held in Essex County, Mr. Howe insisted that he knows there are no “real” health risks and all the complaints must be “psychological” in nature. (Excuse me, is he presuming to pronounce on clinical and behavioral matters? What medical or clinical qualifications does Mr. Howe have?)

He then cautioned Essex Council that “should be careful about holding debates like this because by making people aware, it would only increase the “psychological” cases into complaining.”

This was then further reinforced by Brian Howe who suggested that those who are complaining can actually be “trained” to accept the noise.

So, let me see if I get this……. Don’t upset the cattle by making them “aware”. If so, perhaps they can be “trained” to have their quality of life stolen from them and their rural communities raped.   This is the arrogance that drives the wind industry.

Ripley Ont. Wind Farm

Ripley Ont. Wind Farm


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