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Ontario Hydro – The Future

April 28, 2009

This video spoof of BC Hydro should be looked at as a warning for people living in Ontario.

The “Green Cult” has too much say in the operation of our electrical generation system.

This must STOP!

No Compromise on Health

April 27, 2009

No Compromise on Health News release

Toronto, April 27, 2009Wind Concerns Ontario is encouraged that the Premier of Ontario has committed to an examination of the health issues involved with industrial wind turbines.

“We’ll take advantage of the very best information that’s out there to make sure that we’re doing something that’s intelligent.

~Premier Dalton McGuinty The Canadian Press April 24, 2009

The Premier will need to go well beyond speaking only to the manufacturers of these turbines and the Canadian Wind Energy Association lobby in order to rely on the “best information” available. There are and have been better sources of information for several years. Other jurisdictions with far greater experience have implemented stronger regulations that Ontario has so far chosen to ignore. To date the “best” Ontario Health Effects information is the Wind Concerns Ontario survey presented by Dr. Robert McMurtry to the Standing Committee on the Green Energy Act on April 22.

Wind Concerns Ontario repeats its demand that Premier McGuinty apply the precautionary principle and conduct a full epidemiological study into health effects of wind turbines before any more industrial wind projects are installed in Ontario closer than 2km to any residence. This is the only way to avoid causing serious harm to those who live beside industrial wind turbines. Medical authorities elsewhere have already recommended precautionary setbacks.

The Government of Ontario must consider these various national standards:

  • Scotland requires setbacks of at least 2 km from cities, towns and villages.
  • The United Kingdom’s Noise Association recommends a one-mile (1.6 km) setback.
  • France will soon add the International Standards Organization’s absolute level of 25 dBA, as measured inside homes in response to the National Academy of Medicine’s earlier recommendation of 1.5 km. setbacks,
  • Germany specifies maximum noise levels for three different environments or “regions”:
    1. quiet 35dBA (Setbacks in quiet or country locations are typically 1000-1500 meters)
    2. middle, 40 dBA
    3. standard, 45 dBA
  • Denmark, Holland, and Sweden have a maximum noise level of 40 dBA.
  • South Australia’s standard is 35dBA or background +5dB
  • New Zealand is now reviewing its secondary noise limit of 35dBA for evening and nighttime in low background

The Canadian Wind Energy Association recommends noise levels of 40-53 dBA. They state that setbacks are normally 300-600 meters but in some cases “separation distances of less than 250 meters may achieve acceptable sound levels” (CanWea paper, “Addressing Concerns with Sound from Wind Turbines,” January 2009).

Ontario’s Ministry of Environment presently does not specify setback distances. It has established only ‘regulatory guidelines’ that allow wind turbines, depending on the wind speed, to produce from 40 to as high as 51 dBA of noise, measured not at property lines but outside homes.

The present standards for Ontario are not nearly the best but rather nearly the worst.

If the Government of Ontario aspires to be a world leader in wind energy, it should also lead the world in protecting its citizens from harmful side effects of this industry. In addition to setting world-class standards for low noise levels on the dBA scale, Ontario must determine appropriate levels on the dBC scale for low frequency sound, reported increasingly as a health concern.

Food Freedom ll

April 26, 2009

Plan to attend Food Freedom ll in Owen Sound on May 2nd.

Watch the video for details


April 25, 2009

A free admission event to inspire the community to aspire to create a self sufficient
localized economy based on truly organic agriculture. We can create new employment
opportunities in our area as the conventional economy crumbles. We can counter poverty and improve public health by ensuring a healthy affordable food supply for our community.

Join a community workshop to encourage a move away from the failing globalized economy and inspire small business entrepreneurship to revitalize our economy.
Central Westside United Church (basement rental facility)
Sat. May 2, 2009 11am—5pm (stay for part or all)
310– 10th St. W. at 3rd Ave W.– Owen Sound—Parking on
west side of bldg.


Michael Schmidt –Biodynamic Organic Dairy Farmer– “The courage for civil disobedience to save our children’s future” Inspiring words for challenging times!
Noon to 1 pm

Freeman Boyd– Phd.- Coordinator for the Grey Bruce Local Food Project– How can the local government help this movement? What programs exist? Question and answer period.
1:15 pm to 2:15 pm

CODEX ALIMENTARIUS –United Nations Food Policy– Comes into full effect Dec.31,
2009—How can this international bureaucratic set of standards effect well meant measures in our community to become self-sufficient in food production?– Film by Dr. Rima Laibow MD

Share your wisdom with the community—Help devise a blueprint to revitalize our community
and boldly look toward a new socio-economic archetype that will create new opportunities for
many and secure our future in these troubled times– FREE SPEECH IS A MUST!

BILL C-6– Protect our right to the foods and natural health products of our choice
OATH KEEPERS– The people of Owen Sound and Civil Servants– A Common Vision
for a peaceful secure community in the face of potential times of adversity
-Selected local musicians will entertain– local business displays

Local Musical Performer “Bad Touch” will entertain from 11:20 to about 11:45

For More Info: Call Doug Schapira 519-379-9105
Children and teens welcome– bring a lunch if you wish-bring your love


Chemtrail spraying Kincardne Ont

April 19, 2009

Welcome to Ontario!

We are being attacked from the sky with Chemtrails and from the ground with Wind Turbines.

Protest at the Enbridge Wind Farm

April 13, 2009