Protest at the Enbridge Wind Farm

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One Response to “Protest at the Enbridge Wind Farm”

  1. George Meredith MD Says:

    The Wind Farm Scam

    Re: Wind Farms. When the wind blows too hard or too little, wind turbines stop spinning. So, there must be idling backup power, waiting to go online. Usually gas turbine power. Secondly, wind is intermittent and unreliable. And there is no way to store the extra electricity generated on windy days or during periods of low electrical demand. Third off wind farms in Germany, England and elsewhere, have proven to be economically impractical. Depending instead, on heavy government subsidies…about $250,000 per wind turbine per year….every year!

    And so, when you see a wheat field in South Dakota with, say, 100 slowly turning wind turbines, you are not looking at Green Energy but instead you are looking out onto $25 million dollars borrowed by the central government to promote this scam each year! Multiply this by the number of wheat fields with wind turbines and you get an idea of the enormity of this brazen flim flam!

    Wind farms and biofuels are being pushed off on the well meaning, yet incredibly naïve taxpayer by an entire army of scam artists. Wind power and renewable alternative fuels are not now, and never will be, economically feasible. Are instead counterproductive! Exist only because of a gullible public. Are contrary to the real energy conservation initiatives such as mass transit, adjustable oil import taxes, safe nuclear power and new pipelines to make natural gas more available. And clean coal (if there ever will be such a thing).

    Wake up America! You are being scammed, again! Just say no to wind farms, biofuels and the flimflam artists and the uninformed bureaucrats that promote them.

    George Meredith MD

    Virginia Beach, Virginia

    George Meredith MD
    1604 Dendron Drive
    Virginia Beach, VA. 23451
    757 428 4873

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