Chemtrail spraying Kincardne Ont

Welcome to Ontario!

We are being attacked from the sky with Chemtrails and from the ground with Wind Turbines.

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3 Responses to “Chemtrail spraying Kincardne Ont”

  1. Furlock Says:


    we have just finished an artwork using a chemtrail. There is an English and Spanish version available for distribution. Please spread the word, as artwork can enter society and change a lot of passivity into cultural activism.

    or google for TBW Blue Wars.

    Kind regards and CHEMTRAILS NO.

  2. Patriot Says:

    Use coriander and cilantro to remove all the internal metals that are now in our soil ,water, and air.These bodily metals will be used with HAARP, elfs, or digital tv to take us down.Every home in America is now digital!Build a cloudbuster. Point chemtrails out to kids and adults and tell them to Google the subject and form thier own opinion!

  3. Patriot Says:

    They are quite real, and the poor guys spraying them belive they are saving us from global warming!When I was a sky spider flying out of Stewart AFB in NY our goal was to cover the Westchester area(upwind of NYC and Jersey) ahead of natural wet weather fronts.By the time the phoney clouds hit NYC they appeared as normal clouds.SPREAD THE WORD!!!

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