Video Report – What to Expect From Renewable Energy

The Ontario govt. has passed Bill 150/Green Energy Act. The act not only removes the rights of Municipal govt., it also puts the economy of Ont. in real jeopardy.


One Response to “Video Report – What to Expect From Renewable Energy”

  1. skyler Says:

    This legislation is a huge slap in the face go municipal government, citizens, and the actual people who maintain and preserve our energy system the Power workers!! Why have we let a obviously tarnished piece of industry sponsored dribble become our new energy policy. Besides the health problems, environmental devastation, and lackluster performance that wind power has been harnessed with, we also have to deal with base loading the system with natural gas. Hello, maybe not the best investment in the future. What about nuclear? the technology improves everyday and anyone who knows about nuclear is aware that the fears of meltdown are quite overblown. Anyways if you have problems with the (GEA) look at the alternative proposition by the PWU.

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