Is the Govt. Being Honest About Wind Energy?

Today the Ont. govt. will release the new set back requirements for the siting of wind turbines.

Do you trust them implement  setbacks that will protect the health and property values of the citizens of  Ontario.

The recommended setback from a wind turbine to a home  is a minimum of 1.5 km.  Lets see what the govt.  comes up with.

With 1600 votes cast it appears people don’t believe the propaganda coming from the govt. and industry.

Is the govt. being honest about wind energy?

Yes (268)
No (1229)
Don’t Know (103)
Enbridge wind farm Kincardine Ontario

Enbridge wind farm Kincardine Ontario

3 Responses to “Is the Govt. Being Honest About Wind Energy?”

  1. Eric Mason Says:

    After living in the Melancthon II windturbine project for the last nine months I there are a few things I know for sure.
    If you have a wind turbine erected next to you your property value will go down. Mine went from 283,000 to 245,000 before the economic crash.
    If the turbine is closer then 1km you will experience noise. I had the sound level tested on my property (400 meters)and it exceeded the noise level set out by the MOE but because the duration is not considered long enough they don’t have to change anything I just have to live with it.
    You can’t change anything once they have them up but fight for a set back of at least 1km before it goes up.

    Cheers Eric

  2. Frances Says:

    Do we have full disclosure on the feasibility of wind energy i.e. reports from Ontario Hydro citing the real costs and logistics of this form of energy?

  3. big foot Says:

    read the report in the blog about jan carr-this is true!
    Keep reading, every engineer that i have talked to will agree that the way wind energy is cited its completely a joke.

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