The Green Energy Act – Tom Adams

Tom Adams talks about new powers in the Green Energy Act that allows the govt. to impose unlimited energy taxes.  Fascism has arrived in Ontario!

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One Response to “The Green Energy Act – Tom Adams”

  1. Maria Wrightman Says:

    McGuinty has harmed and will be harming my backyard with his forced acts. I live in Lambton County and Canada’s largest dump, slated to receive Toronto’s garbage, is under massive expansion right now. It is McGuinty’s leadership which deemed this to be acceptable, and pushed it through. Interestingly, the Ontario Stewardship program funded a creek regeneration, digging out ponds for aquatic life, and it sits below the dump! We shall see how well that turns out.
    Now McGuinty is intent on placing 40 Wind Turbines, to start, not more than 5km from said Landfill. SouthWestern ON is a densely populated area for rural existence. Many more human lives are going to be affected because our antiquated hydro lines and health guidelines for Wind Turbines are poor. McGuinty must be trying to empty our rural existence, and our ability to represent ourselves as constituents in this fair county, Province and Country.

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