“A” Channel News
Back in the winter of 2007, A Channel News ran a preview of a story they were going to run the next day on the news. The clip showed a guy walking through a wind farm. At the top it read “Keeping the lights on and Cutting emissions”. Neither is a true statement. I called and asked that they either pull the piece or make changes to it to reflect the truth. They said they were going to run it as is. After many people called and emailed they relented and pulled the piece. They ran an old Bulldog power clip in it’s place. Replacing one piece of bull with another. Nice touch. Anyway, I talked to them again and they said they were going to run a two part series, giving equal time to each side. It never happened. For this reason I ask that you boycott A Channel News.
Contact them at A Channel News

London Free Press
In late winter, early spring 2007, the London Free Press, Sat.and Sunday editions ran full page, one sided stories about wind energy.
I called them on it and they asked what I wanted. I explained that presenting only one side of a story is Propaganda and I would like to see the other side presented as balance. The deal we worked went like this. They would send a reporter and camera man up to the Kingsbridge l wind farm to interview people who live there and are suffering from noise and stray voltage problems, caused by the wind turbines. They would give us at least two hours notice so the people could be contacted and ready for the interview. We were to all meet at a farm for lunch and the London Free press would listen to their side of the wind farm story and present it to their readers.
I called the farmers and explained the deal. They agreed and they made arrangements so they could attend the meeting with short notice. We are still waiting.
For that reason I am asking that you Boycott the London Free Press

The Weather  Channel or as it is now known by many. The Prophet Suzuki News. He likes to scare children with his rants about global warming and how the world is going to end if you don’t do as he says. Sounds like child abuse to me. If you have young children you should be very upset.

I’ll add the rest when I have more time. Want to add a newspaper, tv or radio station to the list, send your info and the reason you think they should be added to the list. The media has become the Pravda the the western world always warned you about about.

2 Responses to “Boycott”

  1. Paul Newall Says:

    Have you thought about doing a Facebook
    Petition against the Green Energy Act like the young people did when
    the Priemer was going to tighten the driving regs for young people?

  2. skyler Says: has a petition against the GEA if you guys want to to sign it.

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