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Mind Maps – A Form of Child Porn?

April 1, 2008

This is one of the most disturbing things I have seen on the internet. No it’s not child porn, as you understand it, but it is just as frightening. It’s what is being taught to the children in schools. It is the willful manipulation of the minds of children. It is, for all intents and purposes, child porn of the mind. They are being Gorified. They are being taught to believe without question a platform put forth by Gore, Suzuki, WWF, Friends of the Earth, The UN and every other organization pushing the fraud of New World Order under the guise of Global Warming. This scares the hell out of me. If you are a parent you better take a close look at what is being fed to your children.  The State wants complete access to minds of the young.

This is State sponsored child abuse

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Mind maps

Below are various mind maps created by Sharon Genovese about global warming and issues related to it (e.g. population). For further information relating to each mindmap you can download the ebook Global Warming: A Mindmapper’s Guide to the Science and Solution by clicking here. If you would also like to learn how to mind map, click here.small-globwarmMind map 1: Combating global warming


Mind map 2: The science of global warming

small impacts

Mind map 3: Impacts of global warming


Mind map 4: Population and the planet


Mind map 5: Population solutions


Mind map 6: Special interest groups

small gov

Mind map 7: The government


Mind map 8: You’re not alone


Mind map 9: Strategies to help behavioural change

goal setting

Mind map 10: Goal setting for a liveable planet

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Gore quotes NHL icon in apparent dig at Canada's climate stance

December 13, 2007

Gore looks like a lunatic. Here is a guy who uses more energy than any one man should be allowed to use, telling people how to live. Gore and Suzuki are fanatics and they are both dangerous. Suzuki gets the NHL to endorse the carbon credit scheme and then Gore uses references to the NHL to call down Canada. The tag team of Gore and Suzuki, with the sheep cheering in the background, take on the world. Al and David seem to take great pleasure in scaring children, telling them the world is going to end. The worst part of this whole thing is the way the media panders to them. Maybe the time has come to order a mental assessment of these two fanatics. If I had young children I would be spitting sparks. If you don’t speak up your children will be paying carbon tax on everything the rest of their lives. Gore has already made fifty million off this scam. It’s not about global warming. It’s about the money. Gore needs all the countries to join to make his carbon credit scam really take off. Who the hell do Gore and Suzuki think they are, demanding that you, I or Canada do as they say. These guys are certifiable.

Gore and Suzuki should be branded as child abusers

Gore quotes NHL icon in apparent dig at Canada’s climate stance

In language suited to the ears of Canadians, former U.S. vice-president Al Gore quoted the wisdom of a hockey legend on Thursday at a summit in Bali, apparently criticizing Canada’s stance on climate change during UN talks on the issue.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore addresses the UN climate change conference Thursday in Bali, Indonesia.Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore addresses the UN climate change conference Thursday in Bali, Indonesia.
(Dita Alangkara/Associated Press)

Although he never named Canada directly, Gore’s hockey-referencing address to the 190-nation summit hinted that he was pointing a finger at Canada for blocking a climate-change framework that includes hard targets. That document would set binding targets of a 25 to 40 per cent reduction for industrialized nations by 2020.

Aside from Canada, the U.S., Japan, New Zealand and Russia also oppose such language for the emissions limits.