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Climate Change? Forget About It: McGuinty Liberals

March 27, 2008

Dalton McGuinty: Climate Change denier or just a realist?”

Dalton McGuinty is a fool. I’ve said it before and I will continue to say it until I’m convinced otherwise. As far as energy policy is concerned, he has allowed global warming fanatics like David Suzuki, Al Gore, Robert Hornung, of CanWEA, and the media to make the decisions.

We do not have leaders in this province or country. A leader would lead. Our elected officials are followers. They follow fanatics, polls and the media. Hell, Gordon Campbell, Premiere of BC, says his provincial budget is partly based on a book he read, that was written by Al, the scam artist, Gore.

Give the energy policy back to the people who know what they are doing. Energy is too important to be left to the whims of politicians.

The coal plants will never close. McGuinty even made a statement to that affect. He said he would shut them down but keep them operational in case we need them in the future. Instead of worrying about the C02 boogie man, put the scrubbers on the coal plants. Since McGuinty first came to power in 2003 he has put the health of thousands at risk, a risk that could have been removed by installing the scrubbers.

You can bet your last dollar that we are going to need the the coal plants. Look at Germany says Robert Hornung, they are the leader in wind power. Ya Robert, lets look at Germany, they have the most wind turbines, they also have very high electrical rates and the wind turbines work so well that Germany is in the process of building 26 coal plants.

The coal plants will never close in Ontario.

That’s a Fact! Jack

Don’t get me started on Health Care and Education


Climate Change? Forget About It: McGuinty Liberals
Liberal Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty: Climate Change denier or just a realist?

(Note: This is a perfect follow-up to my previous post, Higher Energy Bills Likely With Emissions Reductions: Harper )

I didn’t make this up. Ontario’s Liberal government yesterday brought down its socialistic budget… and, according to the Toronto Sun’s Lorrie Goldstein, did not really pay anything more than throwaway, afterthought lip service to the supposedly most critically important issue facing the planet, global warming/climate change. Emphasis mine.

This is interesing. And it speaks volumes…

What ever happened to fighting the greatest threat known to mankind in yesterday’s Ontario budget?

Incredibly, Finance Minister Dwight Duncan didn’t mention “global warming” at all in his 14-page budget speech. “Climate change” got only one mention, in one brief sentence, on page 10.

Even that was two pages back of his apparently all-important plan “to enhance the Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit.”

The budget itself devoted just three of 158 pages (1.9%) to all environmental issues, many of which have nothing to do with global warming.


Finally, and most tellingly, the media didn’t ask one question of Duncan, Conservative Leader John Tory or NDP Leader Howard Hampton in three separate news conferences, about Premier Dalton McGuinty’s plans to fight climate change — not even as we all merrily prepare for “Earth Hour” this Saturday.

the canadian sentinel.

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Divorce Pollutes the Environment

December 6, 2007

From the Editor
Take a good look at your partner. A real good LOOK. Do you want to spend the rest of your life with this person. If your answer is no or I’m not sure, get a divorce as soon as possible. Getting divorced will have a huge impact on GLOBAL WARMING and you will carry that knowledge for the rest of your life. But, if you hurry and get divorced now you will likely avoid the impending carbon tax on your divorce. So, don’t delay, call your divorce lawyer today. I’m glad the media keeps me so well informed on Global Warming. The same clowns that write this crap think wind farms will save the day.

What a bunch of asses

Environment Reporter

If you thought divorce wreaked havoc on your family life, your children and your finances, now you can add another victim to the list – the environment.

A new scientific study deduces divorce pollutes the environment, because it splits households in two, doubling the demand for electricity and even water.

“More households mean more houses,” said Jianguo Liu, professor of fisheries and wildlife at Michigan State University, who co-authored the report published in this week’s Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“To build more houses, you need more land, more construction material and more energy.”

Four people living under one roof will share light, heat, air conditioning and a humming fridge, Liu said. One person living alone needs all those things too.

In the United States, divorced households required an extra 38.5 million rooms in 2005, costing the country an additional 73 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity – more than Ontario households use in a year, the report states.

They also used an extra 627 billion gallons of water – more than four times what Toronto uses in a year, according to Liu’s research.

The study analyzed data from 12 countries, including Cambodia and Greece, but not Canada.

While no country had the U.S. rate of 14.8 per cent divorced households, all showed a climbing number – a trend that presents a “global challenge,” according to Liu, who began studying the issue while researching the impact of humans on a panda reserve in China.

“If people really can’t get along and have to get divorced, maybe they could consider getting remarried with somebody else, or staying together with somebody they like – their relatives, or whatever,” said Liu.

“There are some potential solutions to this problem.”

Separation, prolonged singledom and empty nesters present the same environmental challenges, Liu said.

But they won’t have wasted electricity and consumer goods on a big wedding.

Liu’s next study is on the increased waste divorced households send to landfill, and their carbon emissions.

Toronto Star