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The Dena Report (wind energy assessed)

December 15, 2006

 The ABS Wind Power Report concludes that governments, developers and operators should seriously consider their options regarding wind power.

The Wind Power Report is the most important we have produced to date; providing the most comprehensive study of the wind power market today.

We show how the last year has seen marked changes in the national rankings in terms of wind power, both among the wind power market leaders and among the up and coming countries. Sudden activity has pushed some wind power markets forward, others have slowed down as their wind markets matures. With the first real evidence of performance and information on wind power from some of the most authoritative sources in the power industry, the claims for wind power are being called into question; we examine all of these factors in our wind power report.

The Wind Power Report explores the widening of the market to new countries, with many taking their first steps into the market. Wind energy information is provided on the five market leaders of Germany, Spain, the USA, India and Denmark. Significant wind power industry issues are emerging as operational data becomes available from the major wind power operators such as E.ON Netz, Eltra and ESB. Wind power reports have now been published by energy agencies and the network operators in USA, Germany, Spain, Denmark and Ireland, delineating critical problems. Deutsche EnergieAgentur (dena) has published a comprehensive wind power report on German wind power on behalf of the Federal Government, together with the utility and wind and industries. The dena report assessed the capacity credit of wind power in Germany in 2003 as 890-1,230 MW, i.e. 6% of installed wind capacity of 14,603 MW, rising to 1,820-2,300 MW for 36,000 MW installed in 2015, with a reserve capacity requirement of 7,000 MW. The claimed savings in GHG emissions has been questioned. Wind power’s intermittency places a large strain on system balance and where wind power has been promoted for politico/environmental reasons and wind developers have benefited from substantial subsidies, new information on wind energy shows that a reality check is needed.

The ABS Wind Power Report concludes that governments, developers and operators should seriously consider their options regarding wind power.

2006 International Workshop on Landscape Ecology and the problems with windfarms

December 5, 2006

te doen toekomen.
inmiddels verblijven wij
Jim Mollet
voorzitter Nationaal Kritisch Platform Windenergie <>
Press Message

The NKPW (Nationaal Kritisch Platfom Windenergie) brings to your attention the outcome of the

2006 International Workshop on Landscape Ecology and the problems with wind farms

as held last week in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

The parties signing the Seoul Green Manifesto, the NKPW and other European participants, urge the EU to take the appropriate measures as requested in the Manifesto to protect our Cultural Heritage from the wind turbines on land locations.

We share concerns about possible global warming and deficiencies in fossil fuels, and from that perspective, we want to emphasize that wind turbines should not be considered as a solution or part of any package tackling the problems. As an old technology, it offers not only no solution for those problems but it drains so many public funds that a real solution which should be based on innovation and research is blocked.

In the meantime the European participants have agreed to organize an European summit in Hamburg, forthcoming January, to bundle their resources. They will invite all countries of the EU to join them, with the purpose to oppose the internationally well organized wind turbine lobby.

We take this opportunity to disclose the key statements made on the press conference held on Jeju Island last week:

Erwin Thorius, Chairman SDE Denmark:

In the last three years no single on-shore wind turbine have been build in Denmark

Stein Malkenes, Chairman Naeringslivets Kystakson,Norway:

The reality is that Jeju Island Governement has to choose, because it is not possible to have both growing tourism and wind turbines; wind turbines have a proven negative impact on tourism

Ferdinand Fürst zu Hohenlohe-Bartenstein, Chairman BLS, Germany

Soon we “celebrate ” the 20.000th wind plant, without replacing even one single small plant of conventional energy

Jim Mollet, Chairman NKPW, the Netherlands

The Republic of Korea impresses all participants with what has been reached. The Koreans refused to become followers of an old technology (wind turbines), and instead are purposed to become leaders in renewable energy by doing research and finding real solutions the world needs.

Information about this press message could be obtained from Jim Mollet, chairman of NKPW telephone number 0031 72 5023280

Why are we building wind farms in Ontario.

The Ontario Liberals should scrap their wind energy policy NOW! Littering Ontario with wind turbines will not benefit the public. Lives have already been ruined by your wind energy policy.Property values have been affected. Countless hours of precious time and resources have been spent fighting your failed wind policy. Yet you continue to shove wind turbines down our throats .

Give it up Mr. Duncan.

Wind is not the answer, not even in a small way.

PR: Wind Power Report Shows Facts Instead of Myths

December 4, 2006

PR: Wind Power Report Shows Facts Instead of Myths
The wind industry is built on half truths and myths
Energy Minister Dwight Duncan needs to accept the truth about the wind industry.
The only thing he can guarantee the people of Ontario with his energy policy is much higher energy prices and an unstable grid.
Mr.Duncan, if you don’t understand energy production then you should resign before you cause blackouts in Ontario.

Never forget. Half a truth equals a whole lie

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Kirby Mountain: U.K. Noise Association: 1 mile setback needed for wind turbines

December 2, 2006

Kirby Mountain: U.K. Noise Association: 1 mile setback needed for wind turbines

The setbacks for wind farms and turbines in Ontario are insufficient. The turbines are too close to homes and will create problems for residents. It has already been proved wind farms are too close to homes based on the experience of the wind farm in Ashfield Township. The people I talked to there suffer from both noise and flicker. It is totally unacceptable that the Government of Ontario and Dwight Duncan have so little respect for the people of Ontario. It would appear the setbacks for wind turbines are to maximize profits for the wind industry with no regard for the families that are forced to live near them. Make Kincardine,Ripley,Tiverton,Bruce township,Kincardine township and the County of Bruce a wind farm and wind turbine free Zone. There is no good news about wind farms. Wind talk turns out to be hot air

December 1, 2006 Wind talk turns out to be hot air

Dwight Duncan must accept the fact that wind farms are not the answer to power generation in Ontario. Kincardine area residents have been trying to get the point across to Mr. Duncan for some time now. Maybe this article will help. Mr. Dwight Duncan we don’t want and don’t need your wind farms. If you want green energy that works you should stop wasting taxpayers money on your wind turbine dream and start building Nukes.

National Wind Watch | Puff of opposition could blow Ontario’s energy schedule down

November 29, 2006

National Wind Watch | Puff of opposition could blow Ontario’s energy schedule down

Wind farms make no significant reduction to pollution

November 13, 2006

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Wind farm industry a fraud: McGauran. 29/06/2006. ABC News Online

November 13, 2006

Wind farm industry a fraud: McGauran. 29/06/2006. ABC News Online

Are Wind Farms a scam?

October 19, 2006

I would like you to learn all you can about Wind Farms and Wind Energy.

Why the big rush for wind power?

Which Green is it about?

Is it about Green energy or is it about the Green money?

I hoped it was about Green Energy but the more I investigate the matter the more it looks like it’s about the Green Money.

You decide.

“Big money” discovers the huge tax breaks