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Happy Easter

March 23, 2008

What better day than Easter to let you know that Global Warming is a Hoax.

Global Warming is Over – It’s Official

A great many founts of authority, from the Royal Society to the UN, most heads of government along with countless captains of industry, learned professors, commentators and journalists will be profoundly embarrassed. Let us hope it is a prolonged and chastening experience.

Global Warming is Over – It’s Official

Global Warming is being used to force the Pagan Religion on you and your family. The Green Movement blames all the ills of the world on Christianity.

Their writings state that the ‘force of darkness’ are those who adhere to the ‘out-dated’ Judeo-Christian faith; those who continue along their ’separative’ paths of the one true God. The ‘force of light’ (Lucifer), in there view, is the inclusive new age doctrine of a pagan pantheistic New World Religion. In the New Age of Aquarius there will be no room for the ‘force of darkness’ and ’separativeness’.] “We must therefore transform our attitudes and adopt a renewed respect for the SUPERIOR LAWS OF DIVINE NATURE,” Strong finished with unanimous applause from the crowd.

The Earth Charter and the Ark of the Gaia Covenant

Don’t forget to turn your lights on to protest the scam that is Global Warming and Earth Day

Happy Easter to one and all

The New World Order

March 15, 2008

Love the picture

The reality you believe is – isn’t.

The New World Order

Is this scheme to establish a New World Order in fact a reality? Yes it is. If you do not believe this I encourage you to study the United Nations documents and also the treaties which, once ratified by individual nations, become INTERNATIONAL LAW. The United Nations created the Commission for Global Governance, if you don’t believe this, visit the United Nations website and look it up.

The Commission for Global Governance released a report: Our Global Neighbourhood, that predicates a world court, a global tax, and global police force. And the U.S. State Department Publication 7277 outlines a one world police force under the United Nations. So many prominent world leaders are calling for a one world government the intention is obvious. Yet most people are so occupied by life’s responsibilities, careers, sports and television, they have little time to study what’s going on in the corridors of power.

The coming one world government is being set up in the political arena under the flag of the United Nations, through organizations such as the Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Bilderbergers, and the Club of Rome whose members include many world leaders, media personalities and other influential people. The published goal of the Council of Foreign Relations for example is a one world government. And although most have never heard of many of these groups, they do exist, and they are very influential. The core of these groups hold to “illuminist” philosophy.

A second focus is economics with free trade agreements, the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements. The coming global monetary crisis is intended to institute a universal debt-based currency controlled by the International Financiers and issued to individuals against biometric identification cards. This is all about control!

The third area of focus is religion. Organizations like the World Council of Churches and the Parliament of World Religions were established to introduce a new world religion. It is based on a pantheistic/humanist philosophy. Pay careful attention when you study the documents and reports published by the United Nations and related organizations. This philosophy is now being taught in the education system and has been implemented under programs such as Goals 2000.

The New World Order will be SOCIALISM. Read the United Nations declarations and treaties for proof of this fact. The individual will be subservient to the state. Rights and power reside in and derive from the state, not the individual.

United Nations documents all speak of collectivism. They claim that private ownership and management of property is not to the benefit of the human race. These things are cloaked in a pleasant language, and most people are taken in and deceived. Yet few bother to study these documents.

In the New World Order you will be in serfdom to the controlling elite! You will have no liberty, and no rights. The State will look after you for your best interests. Do you see how the governments of the free world are slowly becoming more involved in everyday life? This is exactly what socialism is. The government becomes involved in every aspect of personal life. Today we require a license for so many things. In Australia, farmers now require permission to farm the land they own. This is not freedom.

In the New World Order, private ownership of property will be abolished. You will only own what you need “after all this is best for the world.” “We need to be looked after.”

Terms such as ‘sustainable development’ mean depopulation and serfdom. The masses continue to fall for lie after lie after lie. Study history and you will discover that there have been very few free societies. Those that were free were either overthrown or fell into the trap of socialism, totally unaware of the dangers until it was too late. Socialism (communism) is always implemented through deception. History portrays a repetitive phenomenon . . . enslavement-revolt-freedom-apathy-enslavement. Enslavement frequently followed revolution because the people did not realize that socialism was slavery, not freedom.

Today environment is being used to make people feel guilty, enticing them to accept socialism as necessary. The environmental movement has been co-opted to strip private ownership of control and exploitation of resources. Many environmental ‘facts’ are lies, exaggerations and unscientific claims to manipulate the masses in the classic Hegelian Dialectic: create the problem, create opposition to the problem, then present your own predetermined solution. Global warming is a perfect example.


 This next story from the BBC
 Blair wants ‘climate revolution’  These elitists want you living as serfs. Your life will be ruled by a small unelected group of lunatics and psychopaths. It’s time to wake up folks. The UN is one EVIL CLUB

Tony Blair
Mr Blair believes the UN is the key to reaching a climate agreement

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has called for a “global environment revolution” to tackle climate change.

Mr Blair is on a visit to Japan to discuss global greenhouse gas targets.

In a speech to a meeting of G8 ministers building on the 2005 Gleneagles summit, he stressed the need for a “global deal”.

He suggested it should be led by the UN and that failure to act on climate change “would be deeply and unforgivably irresponsible”.

During his visit, organised by Climate Group, Mr Blair is due to meet climate change experts from China, Japan, Europe and the US.

The UN and the UN alone is the right forum to reach the global agreement
Tony Blair

He is attempting to guide attempts to secure a deal involving China and the US to slash emissions by 50% by 2050, on the first part of a trip that will also take him to China and India.

He said: “Unfortunately the source of the emissions is irrelevant. It is the fact and amount of them that matters.

“The UN machinery is valiantly striving to put this deal together. The UN and the UN alone is the right forum to reach the global agreement.

“What I found, whilst still in office as prime minister, was that countries had their own environmental policy. They talked to other nations of course, but there was no centre where it was brought together.”

Varied roles

He also said that he could “see no way of tackling climate change without a renaissance of nuclear power”.

The Big Club and you’re not in it by George Carlin 


January 17, 2008

The same thing is going on here in Ont. Both gov., and industry get away with too much.  Where is the media?  Before you buy your next newspaper, magazine or turn on the TV news, ask yourself a question, who is your media working for?
If you don’t think you are getting honest, even, two-sided information from your media, then stop supporting that media, both with your dollars and your eyes.



Membership of Wind Turbine Guidelines Advisory Committee violates FACA

WASHINGTON D.C. (January 17, 2008) – In a letter submitted today (, environmental and wildlife groups [1] called on Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne to revamp the membership of the Wind Turbine Guidelines Advisory Committee of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. The current membership violates the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA), which governs the establishment of federal advisory committees.

“Secretary Kempthorne has clearly skewed the composition of the committee in favor of the industry representatives while ignoring leading experts on critical wildlife impacts,” said Eric R. Glitzenstein of Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal, the law firm representing the groups. “This is precisely the kind of committee composition that the Federal Advisory Committee Act was designed to prohibit,” he added.

he Wind Turbine Guidelines Advisory Committee was formed to provide advice and recommendations to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in developing effective measures to avoid or minimize impacts to wildlife and their habitats related to land-based wind energy facilities (see Fed. Reg. 72:11373 (March 13, 2007)). Secretary Kempthorne announced the appointment of 22 people to the committee on October 24, 2007.

Under FACA the committee must have balanced points of view represented and the functions to be performed, and will not be inappropriately influenced by any special interest. In their letter, the groups assert that the committee’s overall composition clearly violates FACA in several ways.

* No committee members possess research expertise or publication record regarding bats, nor direct knowledge or experience involving bat interactions with wind turbines.

This is a glaring omission in light of recent reports[2] and Congressional testimony [3] on the issue of massive bat mortality at wind energy facilities. For example, a recent study estimated that up to 111,000 bats may be killed [4] every year should only 3,868 MW of wind turbines be constructed within the Mid-Atlantic Highlands regions of VA, WV, MD, and PA. As of today, in those states, there are over 6,300 MW of wind turbines under study for interconnection to the regional electricity grid.

* The committee lacks the requisite expertise regarding bird impacts, especially with respect to effects on migratory birds using the Appalachian mountain ridges in the eastern U.S., despite the fact that dozens of planned wind projects are slated for this part of the country.

* No committee members have significant research, scientific, or regulatory experience with wind energy development and associated wildlife impacts resulting from onshore wind projects in the eastern U.S.

According to the letter, these scientific and technical omissions are especially troubling in light of the many individuals on the committee who either expressly represent or are clearly aligned with the interests of the wind industry.

The groups call on Secretary Kempthorne to appoint appropriate experts to the committee who are experienced in wind energy development in the eastern U.S., where thousands of industrial wind turbines are proposed, and many are already in operation. Several highly-qualified candidates who applied for committee membership but were not appointed are listed in the letter. Their expertise includes both bats and birds and extensive knowledge of nocturnal migration. In addition, the groups encourage the appointment of experts with research experience in forest fragmentation impacts, particularly in the eastern forest region.


Kieran Suckling, Center for Biological Diversity, (520) 275-5960

Eric Glitzenstein, Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal, (202) 588-5206

Lisa Linowes, Industrial Wind Action Group, (603) 838-6588 (


[1] Center for Biological Diversity; The Humane Society of the United States; Hawk Migration Association of North America; Industrial Wind Action Group; D. Daniel Boone; Maryland Conservation Council; Save Our Allegheny Ridges; Friends of Blackwater Canyon; Protect the Flint Hills; Chautauqua County Citizens for Responsible Wind Power; Green Berkshires, Inc.; Juniata Valley Audubon; Ripley Hawk Watch; Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound; and Wildlife Advocacy Project.





November 27, 2007

Disillusioned by David Suzuki’s latest pronouncements, Shawn Blore senses an eco-generation gap widening.

It’s the doers vs. the doomsayers.

by Shawn Blore

David Suzuki hates my neighbourhood. Not my current one, but the one I want to move to, a community I and others of my generation intend to design and build on a little piece of poisoned industrial land on the southeast shore of False Creek. Suzuki hates this plan, so much so that he’s written an open letter condemning the concept, and had his words enlarged and posted two metres high just inside the doors of the Mountain Equipment Co-op. Below his letter there’s a petition calling for my new home to be eliminated in favour of a park. We had planned to make this land into a community, one reflecting many of our values: a walkable, dense, mixed neighbourhood of modest dwellings, a neighbourhood that generates its own energy so far as possible, and deals with the mucky business of waste-water treatment on site. The short form label given this kind of neighbourhood is “sustainable.”

David Suzuki, environmentalist sans pareil, sees no value in any of this. “Vancouver’s population of people and cars,” he writes in his letter, “already exceeds anything that is sustainable. Our ecological footprint is huge. To talk about ‘sustainable housing’ for 5,000 more people is an oxymoron. It fails to recognize what sustainable means. I support you in your efforts to make an urban forest in that area.”

The wound would be deep and bitter, had not the disillusionment been scabbing over for so long. Suzuki was an early idol of mine, as he was to many of my contemporaries, born as we were in the ’60s and raised in the early environmental flowering of the 1970s. He was not the first Canadian environmentalist by any means, but he was the first to embrace electronic media – television in particular – and for that he became the prophet of an entire generation.

I, we, all of us Gen X-ers ate it up. When the applause finally quieted, I was one of the first to make my way to the microphone stand for a question. What can we young people do, I asked, the tremour of revelation in my voice, to avoid this great calamity? A preacher at an oldtime revival would have whisked me into the back and shown me how to make religion a part of my every waking moment. Suzuki had a different answer. By the time someone has reached university age, he said, they’ve been so corrupted, they’ve got so much invested in the system, that there’s really not much hope they can change. That’s why, he said, I’m focusing most of my efforts now on children. For them I think there’s hope.

For us, went the obvious corollary, the only thing waiting was the Pit. Had I been smarter I might have asked just what he was doing there, then, besides padding his bank account with speaking fees. Had I possessed more of the cynicism my generation is said to own in spades, I might have noted other discrepancies in Suzuki’s message: the Ontario-born resident of Kitsilano, calling on people to live in one place for life; the jet-setting conference-goer, bemoaning the rise of airplane travel.

But I was then neither sharp nor particularly wise; for a time I took his message to heart. The Pit it was, until a purer generation could be raised.

For the socially minded there would he rooftop and community gardens, nourished by water collected in rain barrels. The gardens would provide a hedge against food security, and a place for folks to gather and gossip. There would also be a community centers, day-care spaces close to people’s home, a restored habitat along the shoreline, and countless spots to meet and greet on the street. Most importantly, the success of the development would be evaluated using a new full-cost accounting framework, one that finally internalized many of the costs conventional development now sloughs off onto mother nature, or the rest of us taxpayers at large. The city – and interested onlookers would be able to judge in the cold light of economics whether sustainable development was financially feasible. It was a bold yet coherent vision, as yet unrealized anywhere on the globe.

The casual ignorance of Suzuki’s missive is astonishing. Take only his misuse of the term “ecological footprint.” The very concept – an analytical tool for measuring human impact on the environment in terms of land area was invented by a Gen-X technocrat, Swiss-born engineer Mathis Wackernagel, while he was completing his PhD at the University of British Columbia.

As for Suzuki’s hypocrisy, that was simply breathtaking, particularly in light of the fund-raising letter he recently sent me. “Dear Friend,” he begins. “Over the past few years I’ve read more than 20,000 letters from people all over the world responding to my television and radio programs. Most agree strongly with my message that the life-support systems of the planet are being radically disrupted.
“But most people ask: What can I DO?…”
Suzuki goes on to identify a four-step program for achieving sustainability: defining the biological necessities of life, developing visions of sustainable societies, outlining a range of choices for making the transition to those societies “without a total upheaval in our lives,” and communicating those strategies to a wide audience.

Not much different from the False Creek process. So why then is Suzuki campaigning against something he says he needs my money to accomplish? Partly, I believe, for the simple reason that it’s not Arcadia, that classical Greco-Roman idyll of pastoral purity Like so many environmentalists of his generation, Suzuki seems to envision a sustainable world made up of small towns and tiny villages only, with the vast majority of humanity eking out a living with hand-made tools on self-supporting peasant farms. But like so many of those who articulate this vision, Suzuki has never actually ever tried it.

The other reason Suzuki hates the False Creek vision, I believe, is because deep in his heart he’s a Maximalist. His vision is of a grand and glorious broom sweeping the polluted stables clean in a single Herculean stroke. As with all Maximalists, he has nothing but impatience for those who – seeing no such instrument in sight – set to work with the tools at hand to clean up the mess, one scoop at a time if necessary.

And measurable. Estimating conservatively, it’s likely that a Southeast False Creek dweller’s ecological footprint would be at least 25-per-cent smaller than the standard Suburban-driving suburbanite’s. Now consider that the vast majority of the world resources are consumed in the first world. If the False Creek model were to catch on and spread to the point that, say, 10 per cent of new housing in the North America incorporated substantial elements of the False Creek model, the result might be as much as single percentage point drop in world resource consumption. Not enough. Far from it. But not bad for one little project. It certainly beats waving a little jar over your head and wailing about the coming apocalypse.

Barring further interventions, the False Creek plan is scheduled to go before Vancouver city council in July. And so, may I post a six-foot-high sign of my own?

Dear Dr. Suzuki, your performance with regards to the proposed sustainable community in southeast False Creek has confused and discouraged a group of politicians who were bravely following the proper course. You’ve damaged – perhaps fatally – efforts to create a better kind of city. To improve things, butt out. Let another, quieter, more practical generation take up the hard job of making real improvements to the world. There is no better place to begin, we believe, than the little strip of poisoned industrial land, on the southeast shore of False Creek.

Click the link for the full article
Shawn Blore writes frequently about sustainability issues

Weather Channel boss calls global warming 'the greatest scam in history

November 11, 2007

 From the editor

I am getting ready to boycott  the Canadian Weather Channel. They are more of a propaganda machine than a weather station. 

Maybe they should rename it the

David Suzuki – Al Gore


This story is from the Telegraph, be sure to go to the comment page. 

By Our Foreign Staff

Last Updated: 11:01am GMT 09/11/2007

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The founder of the The Weather Channel in the US has described the concept of global warming as ‘the greatest scam in history’ and accused global media of colluding with ‘environmental extremists’ to alarm the public.

  • The deceit behind global warming
  • Climate change is like ‘World War Three’
  • “It is the greatest scam in history. I am amazed, appalled and highly offended by it. Global Warming; It is a SCAM,” John Coleman wrote in an article published on ICECAP, the International Climate and Environmental Change Assessment Project, which is known for challenging widely published theories on global warming.

    The maverick weather forecaster is known for his regular critic of widely accepted global warming theories. The Weather Channel broadcasts weather forecasts and weather-related news in the US 24 hours a day. for the rest of the story

    Wind Power is an Illusion

    September 2, 2007

    From the Editor

    The Govt. is just as bad as the wind industry. They know wind power is an illusion. The illusion is going to cost the Ontario taxpayer big time. Make sure no one gets a majority on Oct. the 1oth. A majority govt. is nothing more than a four year dictatorship of which you can’t do anything about.


    Monday 10 April 2006

    Mr. Garfield Dunlop (Simcoe North)

    My concern is that we’re creating this illusion out there that we’re doing all these wonderful things in power.

    One of the things that really was amazing is that the government is counting on the total capacity of the wind power generation as fact. This all ties in to our need for power, so we don’t have another blackout, another natural disaster. To date: Melancthon Grey wind project, which is 67.5; the Kingsbridge wind project, 39.6 megawatts; Erie Shore’s wind farm, 99 megawatts; the Prince wind farm, 99 megawatts; and the Blue Highlands wind farm, 49.5. That’s a total of 354.6 megawatts. The minister keeps saying that’s how many megawatts she has coming on-stream.1730

    The reality is that in this book put out by the Independent Electricity System Operator — which I think is a government body, part of the old Ontario Hydro — it says, under an asterisk at the bottom, “For capacity planning purposes, wind generation has a dependable capacity contribution of 10% of the listed figures.” So of the 354.6 megawatts that Minister Cansfield talked about today, according to our own Independent Electricity System Operator, we really only have 35 megawatts, if you consider 10%.

    The rest of the story