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Industrial wind turbine development to end

November 6, 2007

From the editor

I would like to thank the President of France for using his office to do the right thing for his people. The  people of France have worked very hard to get the govt. to change its position on wind energy. The people of Canada, the USA and every other country that is being bastardized by bad energy policy need to stand and be counted, just like the people of France.

Will our media even acknowledge this story?

A job well done President Sarkozy and a special thank you to all those who worked so hard to shine the light on the reality of the wind industry.

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Sarkozy announces new wind turbine policy

Industrial wind turbine development to end in rural and wild areas

The Sustainable Environment Federation (FED), with the heritage and countryside associations who demonstrated in Paris on October 6 against industrial wind energy, are pleased by President Sarkozy’s redirection of French policy concerning wind turbines and renewable energy.

In his comments at the closure of the « Grenelle de l’environnement », the president of the republic announced the end of the « rush » that has characterized French policy on wind turbines up to now and that ultimately means degradation of the environment. New wind turbines will be installed first in industrial farm fields and far from emblematic locales.

Eric Rosenbloom of  Kirby Mountain corrected a term in the translation, which you should read, les friches industrielles are “brownfields” not “industrial farm fields“. (That limits development even more!)

In an improvisation that was not in the prepared text provided to the press, M. Sarkozy turned to José-Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, and added : « Frankly, when I see some European countries, it doesn’t make me envious ».

The president of the republic also announced acceleration of research into energies of the future.

This new policy marks the end of industrial wind turbine installations in rural and wild areas. This is a relief for the 800 villages and 52 departments represented in the October 6 demonstration. It is also a powerful contribution to the image of France and shows Europe that an energy policy can reconcile the fight against global warming and respect for the countryside and every life.


The 1500 demonstrators on October 6 brought six demands. Many of them have been accepted : publicize the true numbers of wind energy development (M. Borloo [environment minister] has committed to this), protect public health from wind turbine nuisance, protect the cultural and natural heritage of France, restore peace in the villages, commit to an effective energy strategy.

The sixth concerns the financial scandal of the price of wind-generated electricity. The highly elevated price encourages the production of intermittent energy which does not promote the reduction of greenhouse gases. It will lead to speculative pressure for the few areas in France that meet the criteria of the new policy.

Just as the president announced that the policy of supporting biofuels will be reviewed, price support for wind turbines needs to be reviewed.

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