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Winds Turbines and Health

September 28, 2009


Fairchild Television contacted me in June and in July their film crew came to the Ripley wind farm to shoot a feature about the negative affects of living near wind turbines.

Originally over 12 minutes I edited it so only the English parts remain. If I can get it translated I will post more of the video.

I wish to thank Sherona and her crew for making the trip from Toronto, also Fairchild Television for the original production.

Wind Farms – Another Ontario Government Betrayal

September 26, 2009


Another Ontario Government Betrayal

Toronto, September 24, 2009The newest regulations governing industrial wind turbine 550 meter setbacks through the Green Energy Act are a betrayal of all the people of rural Ontario.  Wind Concerns Ontario stands by its demand that the government of Ontario listen to the victims of industrial wind development and the concerns of those soon to be affected throughout the whole province.

Since February 2009, over one hundred men, women and children living near industrial-scale wind installations have developed serious health side effects such as cardiac arrhythmia, vertigo, chronic migraines, nosebleeds and depression. The most common problem reported is sleep deprivation which has caused cognitive problems for numerous victims.

Health issues surrounding industrial wind turbines are not restricted to Ontario. In Maine Dr. Michael A.Nissenbaum has reported almost identical symptoms with patients there. Health problems have arisen in Japan. In New York Dr. Nina Pierpont has published a peer-reviewed study of Wind Turbine Syndrome. In Britain, Dr. Amanda Harry calls for distances no less than 1.5 miles.  The Minnesota Department of Health calls for stricter regulations and setbacks from homes. In Europe the distances of industrial-scale developments, most of which are smaller than anything in Ontario, are as far as 2 km from homes.

In Ontario victims living as far away as 1200 meters are suffering from heart palpitations and stress as well as sleep disturbance.

Last April, Premier Dalton McGuinty declared that his government would use best practices in moving forward with wind development, but has neither moved forward nor lived up to his promise of best practices. He has failed to comprehend the seriousness of his actions in spite of the fact that people are abandoning their homes because they have become uninhabitable. Dr. Robert McMurtry, former Dean of Medicine for University of Western Ontario states, “This is neither morally nor legally defensible. As soon as possible it will be brought before the courts.”

On the Ministry of Environment website it stated: “The ministry is also proposing that as a condition of approval for wind turbine projects, proponents would be required to monitor and address any perceptible infrasound (vibration) or low frequency noise as a condition of the Renewable Energy Approval.”  Meanwhile victims’ homes have been purchased by developers and their voices have been silenced through legal means. Senior  Liberal policy advisors have stated however that the “…ministry does not encourage buyouts of victims by developers.” Yet that is exactly what is happening.  This type of resolution is tragic and unacceptable.

Along with a health survey conducted by Wind Concerns Ontario, a coalition of 35 grassroots volunteer organizations representing thousands of Ontarians, WCO hired an acoustician to evaluate the noise levels at several homes near current wind developments. The noise levels at those homes were well above the approved Ministry of Environment Noise Guidelines from October 2008. The new 40 decibel at night level is 15 decibels over the level recommended by many specialists worldwide. Still more wind developments have been approved based on those old recommendations. This action is not justified.

Independent health studies of real patients must be conducted. A promised research chair to examine negative health effects exposed by Wind Concerns Ontario and others has not materialized.

Energy Policy 'Too Wind Focused'

July 12, 2009

Editor:  The UK is calling for more coal and nuclear.

But here in Ontario,  Dalton McGuinty and George Smitherman just keep on jambing up the wind farms even though anyone with an ounce of sense  should know better.

Listen up Dalton and George, it’s over, everyone but you two seen to get the picture.

Quit wasting the taxpayers money!  CO2 doesn’t cause global warming.

Get your act together or resign!


The UK must invest more in nuclear and clean coal energy and put less emphasis on wind power if it wants a secure low-carbon future, business leaders say.

The CBI says government energy policy is “disjointed” and it is urging a “more balanced” energy mix.

The current approach means the UK might miss climate change targets, it added.

The government said putting in place a balanced mix of renewables, new nuclear and cleaner fossil fuels was at the heart of its energy policy.

But the CBI is calling for more action.

“The government’s disjointed approach is deterring the private sector investment needed to get our energy system up to scratch, bolster security and cut emissions,” said CBI deputy director general John Cridland.

“While we have generous subsidies for wind power, we urgently need the national planning statements needed to build new nuclear plants.

“If we carry on like this we will end up putting too many of our energy eggs in one basket.”

Full story at the BBC

Premier, Dalton McGuinty Talks About Renewable Energy For Ontario

Ontario becomes a Fascist State

More growers turn to coal – Use of Coal is Expanding in the Province of Ontario

Beware! The Green Shirts Are Here

Children die in harsh Peru winter

July 12, 2009


Let me get this straight. The  global warming nonsense started as a fight against CO2 emissions which left unchecked would cause the earth to warm to the point of threatening the very existence of man. The ice caps would melt and the oceans would rise. The fertile farm lands would become parched from lack of rain and the top soil would blow away. People would starve to death.

We were told we must shut down fossil fuel generation of electricity and replace it with intermittent, expensive renewable energy. If we did not do this right away man would surely be doomed.

For the last three years I have said  global warming was just another fraud by the elite to push their  NEW WORLD ORDER SCAM  on the unsuspecting public.

Since I first wrote about the Global Warming Scam, it has been renamed Climate Change.

Welcome to reality folks. The CO2 emissions have continued to rise while at the same time temperatures have continued to  fall.

Read the story below and then start asking some hard questions. I put some links at the end to help you understand the fraud and who is behind it.

Almost 250 children under the age of five have died in a wave of intensely cold weather in Peru.

Children die from pneumonia and other respiratory infections every year during the winter months particularly in Peru’s southern Andes.

But this year freezing temperatures arrived almost three months earlier than usual.

Experts blame climate change for the early arrival of intense cold which began in March.

Winter in the region does not usually begin until June.

The extreme cold, which has brought snow, hail, freezing temperatures and strong winds, has killed more children than recorded annually for the past four years.

Full Story at  the BBC

Below are a few links to posts on my blog. Please look around as there are many other stories on global warming to be found here.

Global Warming the Big LIE!


Playing politics with global warming

I Was Fired by Al Gore!

Canada dead last on climate change

July 12, 2009

Editor: Read this post and then please leave a comment explaining it’s importance and the ramifications for Canada

Canada dead last on climate change

We can no longer use the U.S. as an excuse for inaction

By GERALD BUTTS, FreelanceJuly 8, 2009

Here is a sobering thought to consider as Canada prepares to assume the presidency of the G8 following this week’s meeting in Italy: Canada has for the first time replaced the United States as the worst performer on tackling climate change among G8 nations. This was revealed in the recent G8 Climate Scorecard, released jointly by WWF, the global conservation organization, and the global insurance company Allianz.

The report confirms recent events in North America: There is a new worldview in the U.S. as it rejoins the global community, while Canada continues with the “No, we can’t” approach adopted by successive Canadian governments.

The fact that the U.S. is rapidly leaving Canada in its wake on climate change is particularly important, as Canada’s political leaders have repeatedly claimed that Canada couldn’t afford to move faster or further than our major trading partner.

If that argument ever had merit, it certainly doesn’t now as we see the difference that political leadership can make.

More has been done in the U.S. in the last six months than in the last 30 years. We have seen tough new standards for greenhouse-gas emissions from cars introduced by the Obama administration. There have been massive investments in energy efficiency, green power and public transit. A renewed respect for science, backed by new funding. Climate legislation that would cap emissions from large industrial polluters has been passed by the House of Representatives, and could become law before the international negotiations over a new global deal on climate action in Copenhagen later this year.

As we prepare to participate in the Copenhagen climate summit in December and to play host to next year’s G8 meeting in Huntsville, Ont., we should be taking the longer view and building a legacy of a green economy that will make Canadians proud. The good news is that progress in the U.S. shows how much can change, and how quickly, with a simple change in mindset, from “No we can’t” to “Yes we can.”

Full Story at the Gazette

Ontario Goes Green – Green Homes

June 8, 2009

The McGuinty govt. of Ontario has gone all the way in an attempt to save the planet by introducing the “Green Homes Plan”

In order to be truly Green, no manufactured building materials will be allowed in new homes.

Here are just a couple of the new models that will be available soon.

This home will be of interest  to the first time home buyer or those looking to downsize after retirement.

Below is a new complex and will be of special interest to those with a busy lifestyle. Besides all the other benefits of living in a MUD HUT you can see the community clothes drying facilities in the center courtyard.

Thank you Mr. McGuinty and Mr. Smitherman for your help in making Ontario a “Green Province” we can be all proud of.

Sorry if we questioned your vision.  Some thought you were an idiot.

Well, you proved us wrong!

In only a couple of weeks our new Green Homes will be powered  intermittently by Majestic wind turbines and we will have light and electricity………………sometimes.

Concern over 'desecration of graves' at wind turbine site

June 8, 2009

Hi Ron

I wonder if you wouldn’t mind posting the article below on your website to raise awareness of the concern mentioned and to garner support for the people on the Isle of Lewis in their fight against this particular wind farm application?

The closing date for signing the petition is June 20.
Many thanks.
Kind regards


[Please circulate this to others to help us in our common cause.]

Concern over ‘desecration of graves’ at wind turbine site

Published Date: 04 June 2009

By Donnie Macinnes

A PETITION is being circulated around the world opposing plans to erect three turbines on an area north of Barvas where it is believed the last battle between Lewis clans took place.

It is claimed the Morrisons and the Macaulays were engaged in battle on the moorland at Druim nan Carnan around 1654 and members of the Clans are up in arms that the area could be desecrated with the erection of a wind turbine.

Councillors have unanimously approved an application by the Galson Trust to construct a wind energy project at Upper Barvas which would have a total maximum generating capacity of 2.7mw, with ancillary development including access tracks, underground cables, crane hard standings and a site control building at Loch Sminig at Barvas.
However, there were a number of objectors to the Comhairle at the time.
Said one: “Recorded and published historical information indicated Druim nan Carnan is the burial site of an unknown number of the slain defeated clan members of the warring Morrisons of Ness and the Macaulays of Uig.”
It was also stated: “Human remains are very possibly preserved at this site.”
Chair of the Galson Trust, Agnes Rennie said this week: “We are aware that the site, like many sites throughout the area, have a cultural significance of one kind or another. We took advice from archaeologists and others before submitting the planning applications.
“The site itself is a site that has been skinned of peat and the specific location of the turbine has very little cover of soil or peat. The access from the main road is very short and will be over the line of an existing peat road.”
She added: “As with the other community projects which received planning consent from the Comhairle at the same time, it is a planning condition for all the community projects that an archaeologist be present at the site when any groundworks are taking place.”

Alasdair Smith, a seaman from Upper Shader, said that there were four sites in the area which tradition had stated were the sites of the last Clan battle between the Morrisons and the Macaulays – two at Shader and one each at Barvas and Brue.
He said that crofters had been extracting peat from the area proposed for the wind turbine for generations without finding anything, and he felt the present protest was a ‘red herring’.
“They have cut down to the hard and nothing was found so it is very unlikely that there is anything buried there. I think if there was anything, it would have been found over the years. If people thought there were graves there, they wouldn’t have cut their peats at that location. The subject was never brought up when they were cutting peats or putting up electricity poles there,” he added.

The organisers of the petition say that for over 300 years, the Macaulays and the Morrisons had been at peace and that situation was likely to continue.

“There is now arising, however, a serious matter of high priority to all clansfolk, and an urgent need for a united front against a common enemy.

“This enemy is in the shape of a plan to erect up to three massive wind turbines on an area which has a most important place in our mutual history – Druim nan Carnan – ‘The Ridge of the Cairns’, which is situated just north of Barvas. Here, on the moorland, was fought a great battle between our Clans, c1654, reportedly the last battle between clans on Lewis.”

They go on: “Those who were killed were laid to their eternal rest in this area, and the cairns marked where they were buried. The cairns are no longer visible, unfortunately, possibly having collapsed or – according to one local source – removed by workmen constructing the main road from Ness to Stornoway.”

The petitioners say it is important that there should be joint Clan opposition to ‘the high probability of excavators ripping up the land, desecrating the area, and throwing out the bones of our forefathers.’

They point out that they are not against renewable energy, but do not want it on this particular part of Lewis.

They conclude: “Our ancestors, and our history, deserve our loyal support. Leaving this appeal to others is turning our backs on the story of our Clans. We can be proud of our present, as we are proud of our past, and our views must be listened to.

“Please take the time to fill in the petition. Please circulate this to others to help us in our common cause.

Donald Macaulay of Lewis Street – originally from Bernera and now retired from his police career in Dunbartonshire – said: “Apart from the historical view, it is unethical and not Christian to dig up where they know people were buried. It is desecration of graves and a serious offence in international law as well as British law.”

He referred to the archaeological point of view in the Comhairle’s report.

“Despite the fact that the archaeologist who examined the site and reported there was a fairly high historical interest, it is surprising that the planning authority gave permission without taking cognisance of this report.

“There hasn’t been a detailed archaeological survey done, so nobody is sure where these graves are.”

He added: “Apart from disturbing the living, they are planning to disturb the dead.”

Member of the Hebridean Environment and Landscape Projection Society, Murdo Morrison of Bragar, now living in Wishaw, said this week: “The Morrisons, like the Macaulays, regard this issue as a travesty. This is not an argument for or against wind turbines, but it is an argument for or against desecration for what is probably a place where there are graves.”

He pointed out that since the petition was started a few days ago there had been a number of responses.

Said one response from Minnesota: “All the best of luck with getting proper siting of the wind turbines. We are a farming community that is in complete disruption due to heavy development by wind turbines. It is too bad that it will take a few years to realize we are creating junk yards.”

Said another from America: “Surely there are other locations that are not so historically (or scenically) significant! To desecrate such a place is unconscionable.”

A Scottish resident stated: “I am not a Macaulay or Morrison and I have no affinity with Lewis. However, to plant three turbines on such a historic site is insensitive and completely mercenary. According to its website, Galson Estate has 56,000 acres. Surely a less contentious site could have been found.”

The closing date for signing the petition is June 20.

Said the report before the Comhairle on the archaeological aspect: “Ground-disturbing excavations associated with the proposed development could have an adverse effect on any unrecorded buried archaeological remains present in the affected areas.

“The Environmental Statement states that the CnES archaeologist has indicated that the archaeological potential of the area is moderate to high. However, the field survey for this project found that the areas where proposed development features would be sited have been extensively exploited for peat extraction.

“The Environmental Statement argues that given the proposed access track to the turbines would utilise existing tracks and that the turbines are to be sited in areas significantly disturbed by peat extraction, the probability of the development works encountering sites or features of archaeological significance is judged to be low.”

Pugwash wind farm dead

June 8, 2009


I would like to commend Lisa of the Pugwash wind farm blog for all her hard work. Having read her blog from time to time I know she has put up with more than her share of ugly comments and even threats as she worked to inform the local population about real problems concerning wind turbines. Lisa, I hope this is the end to the wind farm threat in your area.

Pugwash wind farm dead

Last week at the candidate forum organised by the Pugwash Chamber of Commerce, Warden Keith Hunter stated that because of local opposition to a proposed wind “farm” on the Gulf Shore, it did not go ahead. He said he helped intervene on our behalf in a conversation with (then) Minister of Environment, Mark Parent. All four candidates agreed that turbines should not intrude on the neighbouring property owners. People should be able to enjoy their properties. They all agreed that wind energy, along with other forms of renewable energy, is part of what we should be doing as a Province to reduce greenhouse gases but, for a variety of reasons, they should not be placed too close to homes. Pugwash windfarm

Why did it take so long to come to this decision?

There is an election coming up and it appears all the candidates are feeling the pressure of the electorate.

All the candidates say they want more renewable energy but they all backed down from the Pugwash windfarm. Is pressure the only thing that gets the attention of our elected officials. It appears that way. We need politicians that can think for themselves not those that merely react to pressure.

Anyway, it seems they are all still riding the “global warming/climate change train”.  I guess they will change their minds on that as soon as the public wakes up to the scam and puts the pressure on their elected officials. Until that time they will continue to be spokespersons for the UN/Gore/Suzuki scam.

What the politicians are saying to get your vote Amherst Daily

Global Warming the Big LIE!

Green Jobs Being Created

May 30, 2009

The “ECO-COPS” are coming to a city or town near you.

Don’t forget to smile when you receive your ticket. The money goes to help “Mother Earth”.

You were bad so you must pay.

The Govt. would like to thank all those too stupid to understand the massive Fascist scam taking place.

Without you it would be impossible to move the AGENDA forward.

Let us bow our heads and give praise to GAIA.

The Sheeple shall inherit the EARTH – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Al Gore Exposed by Congress Global Warming

May 4, 2009

Gore is and always has been a con man.  Google Al Gore and Enron or Al Gore and Maurice Strong.  The Liberal Party of Ontario is involved in the scam. Either that or McGuinty and his party  are completely stupid.

Either way, they must change direction or be brought to justice.

Watch Gore squirm in this C-Span video.