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September 6, 2007

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NASA recently revised their list of the ten hottest years on record. The unrevised list was cited by Al Gore in his film “An Inconvienent Truth,” where he assured us that the ten hottest years on Earth have all occured since 1995. The new, CORRECT list released by NASA (which is where all official whether data comes from) is as follows:

Ten Hottest Years on Earth (starting with the hottest):

1. 1934

2. 1998

3. 1921

4. 2006

5. 1931

6. 1999

7. 1953

8. 1990

9. 1938

10. 1939

Also, NASA also announced that the Earth’s average tempurture has DROPPED by 0.15 degrees celsus. That’s right people, the globe has been cooling for the last 7 years. That is if you believe NASA.

Oh, and about the Polar Ice Caps that have been melting for the last 10 years…recent data reveals that the ice caps have actually THICKENED by a minimal amount over the last decade. It’s funny how that story didn’t make it onto the national news.

And just so everyone who wasn’t alive back then is informed, in the 1970’s there was widespread panic throughout the world because “scientific evidence” suggested the Earth was about to enter another Ice Age. Seriously, ask your parents.

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Damn That Global Warming!

September 4, 2007

Published: 29th August 2007 12:44The lowest August temperatures for more than sixty years have been recorded in southern Sweden, as August comes to a chilly conclusion across the country.

Tuesday night was unusually cold, with temperatures falling below zero in an area stretching from the far north of the country down as far south as Götaland, the southernmost quarter of Sweden.
At Ronneby Airport in Blekinge, southern Sweden, the lowest August temperature was recorded since measurements began there in 1945. Early on Wednesday morning the thermometer there was showing 0.7 degrees celsius.

The previous August record was 1.3 degrees, which was measured in Ronneby in 1978, according to the SMHI weather service.
Frost is expected in many parts of the country on Wednesday night. The mean daytime temperature is expected to be below normal in the whole country, with temperatures in Norrland forecast to be significantly below average for the time of year