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Is wind power as green as it seems?Denmark is the world’s most wind-intensive state with more than 6,000 turbines generating 19% of its electricity. But this figure is misleading, says Tony Lodge of the Centre for Policy Studies. Not one conventional power plant has been closed in the period that Danish wind farms have been developed.

In fact, the Danish grid used 50% more coal-generated electricity in 2006 than in 2005 to cover wind’s failings. The quick ramping up and down of those plants has increased their pollution and carbon dioxide output – carbon emissions rose 36% in 2006.

Meanwhile Danish electricity costs are the highest in Europe. The Danish experience suggests wind energy is “expensive, inefficient and not even particularly green”, says Lodge.

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Not even the Danes want turbines. The Danish government wants to keep selling them to the world because so many Danes are working in the industry.National Wind Watch | Danes go cold on wind farms

Unpredictable wind energy – the Danish dilemma
by Daniel
(richtiger Name und Anschrift sind bekannt).

With limited reserves of only oil and gas and the perceived onset of global warming, Denmark has a great incentive to develop new technologies for exploiting alternative sources of renewable energy and reducing energy demand. One of its many options is the harnessing of wind energy – a route that it has explored in great detail. This report describes some serious problems encountered in the extensive deployment of wind turbines in Denmark, and briefly summarises published accounts of the experiences and opinions of variously implicated Danish and foreign organisations and bodies.

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2 Responses to “Denmark”

  1. Quixote Says:

    One has to only listen to the words of a resident of Denmark when he and his companion who were trippin’ through our pristine township and saw the signs “SOS” or “Save Our Skyline” and realized we were being slated for an industrial Wind Development. He said “DO NOT let this happen here! Our homeland of Denmark is a Wasteland! because of the wind turbines. We have to leave our country to see what it used to look like…DON’T let it happen here!!!!!”

  2. News Wind power seems to be working for some... - Page 2 Says:

    […] Head of Denmark’s largest energy utility If you really want to see the tale of woe go to Denmark Blowing Our Tax Dollars on Wind Farms Wind is exposed as an ineffective, costly and nature destroying scam. __________________ My […]

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