In 2004 two major German studies investigated
the size of contribution that wind farms make
towards guaranteed capacity. Both studies
separately came to virtually identical conclusions,
that wind energy currently contributes to the
secure production capacity of the system, by
providing 8% of its installed capacity.

Why are Dwight Duncan, the Ontario Govt., and the wind companies claiming 30% capacity ? 1000 MW of intalled capacity reaps only 8% or 80 MW. Not a good deal for your money.

The dena report assessed the capacity credit of wind power in Germany in 2003 as 890-1,230 MW, i.e. 6% of installed wind capacity of 14,603 MW, rising to 1,820-2,300 MW for 36,000 MW installed in 2015, with a reserve capacity requirement of 7,000 MW. The claimed savings in GHG emissions has been questioned. Wind power’s intermittency places a large strain on system balance and where wind power has been promoted for politico/environmental reasons and wind developers have benefited from substantial subsidies, new information on wind energy shows that a reality check is needed.

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2 Responses to “Germany”

  1. andy robinson Says:

    If we only get 6% of the power and the MCQuinty government spends 30 billion on wind energy does that mean we only get 180 million dollars of power.Where did the other 2 billion 820 million go?

  2. Quixote Says:

    Wind is the Government’s way of financing their “retirement fund” and plays right into the hands of the Green Party, Suzuki Foundation and even the Liberals and NDP who are all calling for more “Green Investment”. Pretty good strategy for a completely corrupt bunch of “greed mongers”…..use the environmentalists own words against them even though every single claim about being “Green Free and Safe” is an out and out LIE!

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