Mayor and Council Please read:


As you are aware, I hope.

Wind farms have become a contentious issue here and around the world.

As members of council it is your responsibility to represent your constituents.
I, like many others, do not believe the best interests of Kincardine will be served by the decision to allow wind farms into the Municipality.

I ask that you take the time to further educate yourself on the subject.

The first link has wind farm information from around the world. The video links are on the right side of the page. One is about a wind farm on scale with the one here. The other is about property values after the arrival of a wind farm.

These are also very good

It would appear Council closed both their eyes and ears to all information, except that provided by the wind industry and the govt.


To all those living in the great Municipality of Kincardine, I ask that you also take time to educate yourself on the matter.




Ron Stephens

11 Responses to “Kincardine”

  1. Ron Mattmer Says:

    Kincardine council supported the 50 meter setback at the Bruce County ATP meeting.

    Kincardine council ignored the advice of the professional planners at the County of Bruce.

    Kincardine council ignored what neighbouring municipalities are doing.

    Kincardine council ignored what other jurisdictions in the US and Europe are doing.

    Kincardine council opted to pass zoning by-laws before the Ontario Ministry of the Environment had completed its review of the wind farm developers screening report.

    Who needs professional planners? Who needs the Ontario Ministry of the Environment? We are fortunate to have had so much expertise on Kincardine council that they could arrive at an independent decision that ignored the science and experience from the rest of the world in favour of the interests of corporate wind developers. When the interests of corporate wind developers are better served, the interest of the greater community is better served regardless of the concessions in terms of health, safety, economics and social values. Besides, they are going to save the planet for us.

  2. Ron Mattmer Says:

    Looks like were at the bottom of the learning curve with the new council.

    The mayor says that he hasn’t been convinced that wind is not the best way to go.

    The deputy says that if the municipality stands up against the wind farms developers the wind farm developers will take the municipality to the OMB i.e., its preferable to side with the wind farm developers over the residents because wind farm developers have high priced corporate lawyers. Now there’s a just principle in action.

    Then there are the others who say their hands are tied because the policy is coming down from the province. The Province passed Bill 51 which will exempt wind farms from the planning act so we should just do the Provinces bidding willingly instead of getting forced to do their bidding. The Select Committee on Alternate fuels recommended that municipalities retain control over setbacks. The committee recommended that property values be considered. Why did Kincardine Council sell out?

    Somewhere along the way the previous council did a 180 degree about face on the wind issue. Word came down from somewhere that Kincardine was to bend over backwards for Enbridge. Note the 50 meter setbacks were supported by Kincardine at the County. I suspect there was political interference from the upper echelons which brings us back to the attack on our democracy.

    Dunky Duncan’s energy policy contradicts other planning policies and established policy framework. Why are the local politicians cow towing to dictator Dunky when that policy must be challenged because it undermines our democracy?

    How do we end up here? Councillors compromise principles thinking they are being politically astute. So the province and local municipalities get run on political expediency vs. best interest based on sound principles.

    I’m not so naïve to think that councillors don’t face pressures from above and from the corporates and business community. I’m sure there are enough citizens who would help out council with the tasking of sorting out what’s best for Kincardine when it comes to the wind question. I saw some pretty pitiful deliberations around the council table last year. Let’s help council. Let’s get a committee of stakeholders and citizens going to determine what’s best for Kincardine. That may mean having to tell Dunky Duncan to go stuff it. The law provides for that eventuality.

  3. andy robinson Says:

    People are now saying that ENRON the company in the USA that was one of the largest bankruptcies ever,use to sell wind turbines and natural gas.

  4. Jake Berry Says:

    Shame on all of you who oppose the wind farm project.
    he questions raised by Mr. Mattmer is not new. Wind farms have been dealing with this issues for some time now and trying to design the wind farms to accomodate those concerns.

    For those who oppose the bat/bird kills, I say you should protest those hydro lines in the municipality…and similarly, there are rebuttles to every issue that’s been raised about wind farms.

    But let’s take a step back and look at this from an environment point of view. Global warming is a real concern facing this society today, and now it is financially feasible to create wind farms as a step in the right direction to generate electricity from a green source. The technology is fairly young, and not as efficient as one would like, but it will continue to develop and hopefully one day generate at a high efficency rate.

    How do you expect a technology to be perfect before implementation? Was that the case with your car? No, not at all!

    Shame on you for being selfish and turning your back on the real problems of the world.

    Shame on you for worrying about what your scenery will look like, instead of the quality of the air you breath.

    Shame on you for trying to stop the benefits that farmers would receive! They are the reason you have the cenery afterall, don’t you forget it!

    It’s no longer the big bad corporation coming in and destroying the land. It’s people like yourselves who have the ability to help steer this society to be more environmentally friendly, but rather choose to turn their backs, complain and aid to destroy the earth!

    Shame on you all.

  5. moe146 Says:

    Decimating our few natural areas we have left with giant wind turbines because “maybe someday in the future we’ll figure out how to improve them” is pure rationalization to the nth degree.

    Back in the middle ages, wind power was viable about 1/4 of the time. Currently wind power is viable about 1/4 of the time. In the year 2167, wind power will be viable about 1/4 of the time. Unfortunately, you can’t force Mother Nature to comply with wishful thinking.

    Jake, it sounds like you have a huge financial interest in this. Could this perhaps blind you to looking at this objectively? You seem to have a really warped view on what we’re talking about here.

  6. Jake Berry Says:

    “maybe someday in the future we’ll figure out how to improve them” is pure rationalization to the nth degree.”
    First, give me an example of technology that has not been improved/evolved over time? Secondly, I made no mention of mother-nature changing, but rather evolving wind technology to increase electricity generation.

    I assure you in the middle ages, wind technology was not as efficient as today, and tomorrow’s technology will be even more efficient.

    “Decimating our few natural areas we have left…” That’s the point Moe. Our society has learned that we’ve done quite a bad job for the environment by burning fossil fuels for our energy needs. Now, the focus is SLOWLY turning to renewable resources so in an effort to diminish using fuels that hurts the environment.

    I don’t claim wind turbines will save the world from global warming, but it is part of the solution.

    Its a funny thing that those who are oppose to wind technology never seem to make mention of helping the environment to be sustainable for the future.

  7. Ron Mattmer Says:

    “Its a funny thing that those who are oppose to wind technology never seem to make mention of helping the environment to be sustainable for the future.”

    The McGuinty government is planning to install 5000 MWs of wind generation.
    The wind farms will be backed by natural gas power plants. Depending on the whims of wind, we will need to run those gas power plants especially during the hottest muggiest dog-days of summer when the wind doesn’t blow and air pollution is at its worst.
    The environmentalists at the Ontario Clean Air Alliance tell us that those gas plants will save lives? Those gas plants will kill people and make children sick. Replacing nuclear energy with wind farms backed up by gas plants is a mistake. What is sustainable about burning all this gas up in 20 years to back up wind turbines??????????????

    The financial, health and environmental costs of the energy options can be quantified.
    For example per a EC report External Costs-Research results on socio-environmental damages due to electricity and transport – EUROPEAN COMMISSION 2003-

    in Germany, the health, environmental and avoidance costs (excluding financial)were determined to be (Can$) :
    0.25 cents for wind
    0.38 cents for nuclear
    and 1.68 cents for gas.

    Based on these figures, including financial costs, a nuclear base supply would save Ontario well over $ 2 billion per year over a wind and gas base supply. After having accounted for health, environmental and avoidance costs, why should Ontario export jobs to foreign wind turbine manufacturers and gas companies?

    I’d rather that we not build a new nuke plant. But that’s still a better option than gas plants if we can’t reduce our demand on power. For half the money it costs to produce a new Mega watt-hr of energy , we could be conserving that MW-hr of energy. The government isn’t pushing conservation because the gas companies and wind developers don’t get rich quick when we conserve. Why isn’t the government giving incentives for at home power generation like wind and solar? Because they want to keep us dependent on the big energy companies. A farmer puts up a wind turbine to reduce his demand on the grid-what does the government do?- they raise his property taxes.

    The robber barons of old had nothing on this lot.

    $10 of billions are being earmarked for inefficient wind developments all over the world. All heavily subsidized by governments because wind farms are needed to save the planet. These developments will create more debt. More forests will be cut down, more ores extracted, more oil and gas pumped out, industries expanded at an ever faster rate to pay the interest on the accumulating debt. The poor will suffer as inflation drives up the cost of food and goods. The money can be put to better use to reduce the strain on the environment. STOP THE MADNESS.

  8. andy robinson Says:

    Jake should go buy some carbon emission credits so he doesn’t pollute the air with his uninformed comments.Thats right Jake didn’t you know that Gore and Suzuki do this so they can drive around all day and not pollute but save the planet.Or do you think that they are full of hot air as well?
    Maybe Jake would like to buy some green power just like the Ontario government.
    The liberals are buying green power from bullfrog.The queen just bought carbon emission credits for her airplane ride to america.Thank heavens the plane doesn;t spue co2.
    Buying green power is a matter of conjecture since there is no mechanism inplace to measure the electron flow.
    The liberals are giving away taxpayers money openly and are only pushing the green agenda to win votes.

  9. Rex Mundi Says:

    If anyone has a solution TODAY about how we are going to keep this society going without alternative energy, please speak now. Oil production around the word is declining while consumption is rising. We have 8 1/2 years of Natural Gas reserves left. The oil sands of Alberta uses both natural gas as well as 2-4 bbls of water for every bbl of oil. Output is slow and costly. Find a solution NOW or learn to live with the windmills. We are going to need them, and the solar panels and the hydro dams and the geothermal plants and the biomass plants just to maintain the status quo. Any solutions yet?

  10. Al W Says:

    You people need to get over your selfcentered paranoia. The density of wndmills is so low that you couldn’t possibly call them a blight on the landscape. When I drive up Hwy21 I think to myself ” wow, are these people ever progressive.” I makes me wnat to move up there full time in stead of just having a cottage there. What if the most extreme environmental alarmists are right? Do you want to tell future generations that you stood in the way of an answer because the sight of windmills offended your delicate sensibilities?

  11. david evans Says:

    Nobody talks about decommissioning costs when these things have reached their life span ? has anyone looked at the “dead earth” effect on the surrounding farmland ?

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