Public Inquiry Ontario

We believe there should be a Public Inquiry into the direction the McGuinty Liberals have taken Ontario and their citizens over the past year and further regarding passage of the Green Energy Act, The HST and most recently the Cap and Trade Bill that has just been tabled.

All three of these legislative Acts are the results of a Government who is less than honest and forthright with their citizens.

By approving these Acts this present Government has displayed, among other things:

  1. Conflicts of Interests with Industrial representatives that are now in a position through these Acts to make large amounts of profits at the expense of honest Ontario Taxpayers with no return for those taxpayers except higher costs in living.
  2. Large Scale Destruction of Lands, Properties and Wildlife through unregulated Industrial Wind Generation .
  3. Loss of Health and intentional lack of acknowledgment of Health Issuesthat have been proven to exist because of the above Wind Industrialization in residential areas.
  4. Hostile and argumentative stance with any individual or group who challenges the Government’ actions that result in loss of property values and quality of life due to Wind Generation locations within residential areas of Rural Ontario.
  5. Disregard for the Economic Health of Ontario by raising electrical rates beyond the ability of homeowners to pay for these increases. Along with the homeowners inability to afford these higher rates it is a threat for any new industry to locate in Ontario due to the high costs let alone be the already existing industry that will have to relocate to a cheaper area of the country to operate in a very competitive environment.
  6. Destruction of the Real Estate Market come July of 2010 by adding an additional 32,000 dollars on the cost of a new home that no bank in Canada would offer mortgage coverage on. The Nova Scotia experiment that showed what an HST would do apparently is not a lesson that was studied by our present Government.
  7. Disregard for Good Business Practices by allowing Industrial representatives set agendas for the Government who then uses the Industries studies to write the Laws and in effect accommodating the Industrial strategies over the good of the people.
  8. Removal of Democratic Rights in the dismantling of the powers of individual Municipality’s Planning Acts in order to have total control of any development of Wind and Renewable Electrical Generation.
  9. Removal of Responsible oversight of Environmental Assessments when it applies to Renewable Electrical Generation and the location of large Industrial sitings.

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One Response to “Public Inquiry Ontario”

  1. Frances Says:

    Do we have full disclosure on the feasibility of wind energy i.e. reports from Ontario Hydro citing the real costs and logistics of this form of energy?

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