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Food Freedom ll

April 26, 2009

Plan to attend Food Freedom ll in Owen Sound on May 2nd.

Watch the video for details

Canadian Agriculture or When the Inmates Take Over the Asylum

November 3, 2008

Editor: I came across this site while looking for information about the Canadian Beef and Hog sectors.

I’ve been saying for a long time that there is a movement working to move the farmers off their land and to move people into high density housing in the cities. The Green movement wants to return the land back to it’s natural state and in the process remove the land rights that are currently enjoyed in this country.

If you are thinking – we still need farms and farmers, it’s time to visit the future…………brought to you by the UN ,the NEW WORLD ORDER and the Traitors we Elected.

It seems crazy to talk about farming in a hi-rise; the vision it gives rise to is of a kind of student-residence crammed with pot-smoking hippies who’ve traded their carpets for wheat. In fact, the approach is pretty hard-nosed and industrial, with very high outputs as its aim. And here’s where it gets interesting from the point of view of our ambition to rewild the country: in the study entitled “Feeding 50,000 People, Anisa Buck, Stacy Goldberg and others conclude that a single building covering one city block, and up to 48 stories high depending on the design, can grow enough food to sustain 50,000 people. This calculation doesn’t require any magical technology; there’s no fairy-dust being evoked here, we could build such a structure now.

So, let’s do the math. If the population of the Toronto area is, say, 3 million people (it’s more or less depending on where you draw your lines) then 3,000,000/50,000=60. Sixty large buildings could feed the entire city. It’s a big effort, but not much bigger than the current condo boom happening down by the waterfront, where literally dozens of projects are planned. Certainly there’s room; the city could feed itself without importing anything (except we’d want cow’s milk and beef and mustard and luxury foods–which I’ll get to in a minute).

Chris Jacobs)

To continue with the math: if the population of Canada as a whole is around 30 million, then 10×60=600 buildings will feed the entire country. Yes, you’re seeing that right. An area 25 city blocks on a side could feed Canada. An area the size of a small town can displace the entire Canadian agricultural sector and much of its aquaculture as well. It’s hugely energy-intensive, and labour-intensive too; but the buildings recycle their own water, produce much of their own power, and with the right economies of scale, could run at a profit.

Now we can rewild and re-forest the country, stop overfishing, and set up the ecological foundation for the restoration of species diversity. Imagine large swathes of the prairie as prairie, with herds of bison (and yes, lions and elephants) and a healthy ecosystem living in parallel to our own. It’s a beautiful vision–unless, of course, you’re a farmer.

Think that was crazy talk – think again.

Original article at WORLD CHANGING CANADA

It’s time we Canadians reclaimed our country and looked after our needs.

The Global Economy and Global Warming are being used to remove our rights and  sovereignty. Same holds true for our American friends.


I’m not a Global and I don’t live in a global village.
(corporatization of everything on the planet)

The Time has come for everyone to

Wake up and Stand Up

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