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Maurice Strong turns 80

August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Maurice!

No one has done more to undermine the sovereignty of Canada than You!


Maurice Strong: Godfather of the international environmental movement

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Nancy Pelosi–conspirator in pearls – Delivering American sovereignty over to the United Nations

The Earth Charter and the Ark of the Gaia Covenant

Man is the Enemy!

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The History of the Global Warming Scare

Cloak of Green

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Is Global Warming Man Made?

Understanding the Environmental Movement

Global Warming – Scam of the Century

Global Warming Exposing the Scam

Green Agenda Quotes


Al Gore Global Governance London July 7 2009

July 11, 2009

Al Gore speaking in London on July 7 2009 talks about the need for Global Governance.

Enron was the start point for the carbon scam  along with the UN Global Warming Scam

Maurice Strong and Al Gore

Find the typo and get a free carbon credit- LOL! Al makes his own maybe he’ll send you one

Carbon Offsets for Dummies

January 4, 2009

The Carbon Credit Offset Scam Explained

I’ve been waiting for someone to make a video like this. This, is how much sense Al Gore’s Carbon Credit scam makes. Tom Nelson found it.

In the Do As I Say Cult, all that matters is that you feel good about yourself. They don’t seem to understand, a fart is a fart. And just because some other guy is paid not to fart in another country, it doesn’t cover up the fact that you farted here. (and probably a lot more than the normal person)

Al Gore as GOR_ILLA

November 16, 2008

Editor: I got bored


Carbon Trade Swindle Behind Gore Hoax

November 11, 2008

Editor: This pretty much sums up Gore’s reason for pushing the phony Global Warming Scam.

Al Gore Carbon Trading Scam

Al Gore Carbon Trading Scam

This article appears in the March 30, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Carbon Trade Swindle Behind Gore Hoax

by Richard Freeman and Marcia Merry Baker

Look behind—if you dare—Al Gore and his science hoax, and you find the very same London-centered oligarchical financial crew that drove the 2003-2006 oil and commodity price increase, amidst the bubbles and hyperinflation that characterize the breakdown-phase of the financial system. The centerpiece of the U.S. emerging market for carbon emissions trading, is the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), created in 2003 as a “voluntary,” or pilot agency, part of a London-based network positioned to reproduce the oil bubble on a scale orders of magnitude greater and more dangerous, while at the same time, destroying what’s left of the physical economy.

The idea is that if governments cap CO2 emissions, then the “market” will take off for the buying and selling of emissions “allowances.” This is the whole point of the “cap-and-trade” plan for CO2. If it sounds crazy, it is. But Gore is just one of the most visible parts of the elaborate (and bi-partisan) schemes that have been set in motion under cover of climate change. Gore’s personal financial involvement is blatant, especially through Goldman Sachs—a large shareholder of CCX, and in 2004, the creator of Gore’s very own London-based hedge fund, Generation Investment Management.

Full Article

The Green Scam

September 23, 2008

The green scam

The Lehman crash opens wide a vein of which we had begun to explore with our examination of carbon capture. It may be obvious when you think about it, and start doing some digging, but it has not been to forefront of the debate – the simple precept that one of the main beneficiaries of “climate change” is big business.

To that extent, simply to position the climate change issue as greenie propaganda is to miss the point. Green politics itself is a money-spinner, which makes the green agenda advocates beneficiaries in their own right. Big government, and especially the tranzis like the European Union and the United Nations gain considerably, as indeed do national governments which are able to expand their tax bases with rafts of green taxes.

Now put big business into the mix and you have a potent cocktail – a triumvirate of vested interest which needs to stoke up public concern about “climate change” in order to reap the financial and political rewards. The big myth in all this, of course, is that the “greenies” and industry are on opposing sides. They are in fact allies (some unwittingly), each standing to benefit in their own ways, alongside their allies in the various levels of government.

Arguably, this is – if one dare use that term – a vast conspiracy of interest, a means by which this triumvirate has found the golden key which enables it to pick the pockets of ordinary people. That turnkey, of course, is the quest to “save the planet”, for which no impost or sacrifice is too great to demand.

Focusing on the big business dimension, the benefits of “climate change” are stunningly obvious – but only when you put the pieces together in what emerges as a classic “baptist and bootlegger alliance“.

At the heart of the scam is, in European terms, the European emissions trading scheme (ETS). Elsewhere, in the USA and Australia, for instance, it is “cap and trade”. What this does is put a notional value on an otherwise valueless waste produce, carbon dioxide – legitimised by the extraordinary sleight of hand which has turned this harmless chemical into a threat to our very existence.

full report at EU Referendum

Esquire Calls Al Gore A Lunatic

September 21, 2008

I was sent this story by one of my readers. Thanks
Hell, I and many others have been saying the same thing for years.
What took Esquire so long. If the main stream media had been doing their job, all this bull would never have gotten out of the gate.
Gore has been a con man forever and has been given way too much slack.
Gore is a Con, just like his Global Warming Scam and his Carbon Credit Scam.

Al Gore and Maurice Strong – Con Artists

Sheep tend to end up on the dinner plate.

Refuse to vote for anyone who says “Man made global warming – climate change” is a threat, or anyone pushing carbon credits or cap and trade.

Read the Green Agenda and wise up!

Al Gore

Don Arnold/

Al Gore is a lunatic. If you’ve ever seen the man speak in person, well, it’s hard to know whether or not he’s putting you on. He is so over-the-top that you are tempted to laugh. You do laugh. Think about it: There’s this oversized man in a suit at least two sizes too large alternately yelling at you about how our planet has a fever and how you aren’t treating it and then, suddenly, pausing as if in thought (though he has given this talk thousands of times), extending his left hand in front of him as if holding poor Yorick’s skull, examining the tips of his fingers as if the words he is about to say or the idea he is on the verge of is balanced on his digits. And then he begins to speak again, calmly building to an overwrought explication of the apocalypse.

It’s amazing, funny, and borderline crazy. And it’s clearly working.

We, as a culture, always reject the lunatic fringe and then inexorably move toward it. We mocked PETA and then, 20 years later, we’re lobbying Congress to pass legislation securing the rights of dogs. And when the lunatic is a former vice-president who went on to win both the popular vote and a Nobel prize, our willingness to embrace that fringe is enhanced.

So when he stood before us this past summer and claimed that within ten years a combination of wind and solar power can produce all of our country’s electric energy needs, it was both preposterous and strategically brilliant. He set a ridiculous goal, but it’s the very lunacy of it that may push us closer to a consummation devoutly to be wished. Gore is a crazy man. And that is the key to his influence.

Source – Esquire

Global Warming – The Real Agenda

September 7, 2008


I have always believed that in order to understand what is happening now – you first have to back up.

Here is a perfect example from 1998

Yes folks – global warming is a scam and it’s time to wake up.

In the 2008 Canadian Federal Election you are being asked to vote for your choice of TRAITOR.

Regardless of which party you vote for – you are voting for traitors.

In 2008 you need to vote independent or refrain from casting your vote.

If you vote for any of the main parties you are voting against CANADA.

In essence you have become a traitor.

Same holds true in the USA

Read the Green Agenda

Editorial by Terrence Corcoran
Copyright 1998 Financial Post (Canada)
December 26, 1998

What is the most important problem facing Canada? When the annual Maclean’s/CBC year-end poll asked that question, there was at least one clear answer: Not the environment; in fact, anything but the environment. Ranked by percentage of people who identified one subject or another, the top worry among

Canadians is unemployment (15%), followed by government spending, the economy, health care, national unity, taxes, poverty, education and crime. At the bottom of the list, garnering only 2% support, is the environment.

The possibility that 98% of Canadians are not in a state of high anxiety over global warming, freaky weather, ozone depletion, pollution and scores of other Green scares must be a teeth-gritting irritation to environmentalists. They have, after all, spent decades fertilizing the idea that we are on the brink of environmental disaster. Ottawa and the provinces have spent billions on the campaign, which includes turning the weather into a propaganda tool and the school system into an indoctrination camp that begins in kindergarten.

The poll is a testament to the good sense of Canadians. Despite relentless scare-mongering by bureaucrats and activists, Canadians remain unwaveringly fixed on a national economic agenda of growth and prosperity rather than on fantastic claims of apocalypse. When David Suzuki says global warming ‘is the most urgent slow-motion catastrophe facing humankind,’ nobody is paying much attention.

Except our politicians. Backed by an army of bureaucrats and researchers, governments are systematically preparing to shut down the engines of economic progress in the name of environmentalism. In Canada, the heart of the stop-growth campaign is Environment Canada, where key bureaucrats dedicated to imposing an environmental agenda on the country have seized control. The focus of their effort is global warming and climate change, which they intend to use as a lever to impose what can only be described as a new economic order.

The politician nominally in charge of all this is Environment Minister Christine Stewart. Whether Ms. Stewart fully understands what’s going on around her is unknown, but during a recent visit with the editorial board of the Calgary Herald she certainly demonstrated her conversion to the religion of global warming.

Ms. Stewart said that, ‘as minister of the environment, I am very worried about global warming,’ which for a politician isn’t saying much. Politicians are habitually ‘very worried’ about one thing or another. The trouble starts when they use their power to fix problems they’re worried about, even if the problems don’t exist. Ms. Stewart said she’s prepared to do exactly that. ‘No matter if the science is all phony,’ she said, ‘there are collateral environmental benefits.’

Environment Canada, therefore, is prepared to act on global warming even if there’s no such thing as global warming. On the strength of phony science, the federal government would still be willing to impose new taxes on energy consumption, cut economic growth, reduce our standard of living, and create bookshelves filled with new regulation governing most facets of the lives of Canadians.

In another statement quoted by the Herald, Ms. Stewart gave another reason for adopting the religion of global warming. ‘Climate change [provides] the greatest chance to bring about justice and equality in the world.’ Here she gets closer to the core motivation of some of the leading global warming activists. Where socialism’s attempt at a global redistribution of wealth ended in economic catastrophe, global warming is being wheeled in as the next new economic crusade.

Consolidating Ms. Stewart’s statements, we reach some horrific conclusions. Whether global warming actually exists is irrelevant. It is, in the hands of government and environmental activists, a convenient front for the introduction of programs and economic policies that Canadians – and most citizens of the world – would not otherwise accept.

Ms. Stewart, perhaps unintentionally, has identified the two key foundations of the global warming movement. One is based in environmentalism, which essentially claims that human beings are a problem in nature. The other foundation is the old business of economic redistribution. Both these movements are linked in the international climate change treaty Canada signed in Kyoto. Environment Canada has already given up trying to examine the science. It never really tried. Instead, it spends hundreds of millions of dollars churning out propaganda on the hypothetical effects of global warming. Its latest reports include hundreds of studies warning of everything from spreading insect-borne disease to increasing forest fires.

The Maclean’s poll shows Canadians aren’t going along with the government or the claims of environmentalists. If they knew what Ms. Stewart has in store for jobs and living standards, and why, they might take a greater interest.Link

Read the Green Agenda

McGuinty Government Imposing new carbon taxes, cap and trade

May 28, 2008

The first thing you must understand is – Global warming is a hoax.

If C02 was the cause of “Global warming” it would be getting warmer – it’s not. Global warming is a hoax, courtesy of the UN.

Therefore, any tax on carbon can only be viewed as a con based on the Global Warming hoax.

So, what the hell is really going on?

The McGuinty govt is involved in a fraud against the citizens of Ontario.

Read Agenda 21

Once you have read and understood Agenda 21 feel free to get “mad as hell”.

Why is the CFT asking McGuinty government to clarify its position on imposing new carbon taxes in Ontario. A con job needs to be stopped – not clarified.

Govt. at all levels have bought into the ideals of the UN and the New World Order.

Read Agenda 21

Call, write, email or fax  McGuinty and tell him to shove his carbon tax where the sun doesn’t shine. Same message for Suzuki and Gore.

That’s the message the CFT should be sending out.

That’s my rant – now on with the story from the CFT


Imposing new carbon taxes, cap and trade

CTF Calls on McGuinty Government to Come Clean on Carbon Taxes

By Kevin Gaudet Wednesday, May 28, 2008
TORONTO: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) today is calling on the McGuinty government to clarify its position on imposing new carbon taxes in Ontario. It is widely reported that Premier McGuinty and Ontario Environment Minister, John Gerretsen favour a cap-and-trade system as a ‘first choice’. CTF Ontario, Kevin Gaudet, said, “cap-and-trade is a carbon tax, just under another name. When and how does he plan to unleash this new tax on Ontarions? What happened to his campaign promise not to impose new taxes?”

The CTF has been calling for Dalton McGuinty to make it clear where he stands on a carbon tax, especially at a time that his brother David McGuinty – federal Liberal environment critic – is pushing a carbon tax at the federal level with Stephane Dion, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Now Ontarions have part of the answer.

“When Mr. McGuinty says he wants a cap-and-trade tax first he raises the possibility of also imposing a direct carbon tax next”, Gaudet added.

McGuinty’s statement raises important questions and his brother makes this obvious when he is quoted saying, “I think what the premier’s said is, ‘Look, given the here and now of the specificity of the Ontario economy, and how we would like to go forward in pricing carbon, we would rather go with a cap-and-trade system first,’” he said. “But I doubt very much the premier’s ruling out the notion of a carbon tax shift.”

Gaudet concluded, “Carbon taxes have proved disastrous in Europe – causing job losses and fuel poverty. Moreover, they have done nothing to reduce CO2 levels,” Gaudet concluded. This government has no mandate to introduce new carbon taxes and should immediately eliminate speculation.”

Source CFP

National Round Table on the Environment

January 10, 2008

This week the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy basically recommended Canadian taxpayers should fall on their swords for the sake of winning a Pyrrhic victory over global warming.

The government advisory panel called for Ottawa to impose a carbon tax on Canadians and/or establish a “cap and trade” carbon emissions trading scheme for industry (which has been something of a fiasco in Europe) to achieve “deep” greenhouse gas (GHG) emission cuts.

In reality, the NRTEE is telling us to do two contradictory things: Act in concert with the rest of the world to combat global warming and, regardless of what the world does, act unilaterally now.

The NRTEE acknowledges that: “With respect to environmental risk, Canada’s share of global emissions and hence its contribution to the stock of atmospheric carbon is low, and if action is not taken globally, Canada’s efforts alone could do little to stabilize atmospheric concentrations.”

Plus: “We believe that the most critical assumption that the NRTEE has made in its work, particularly in our modelling, is that whatever policy framework Canada puts into place, it is comparable to its competitors and trade partners, predominantly the United States … If our major trading partners, particularly the United States, do not implement comparable policies within a reasonable time frame, the economic risk of the deep domestic reductions investigated in this report rises.”


Indeed, the NRTEE paper, Getting to 2050: Canada’s Transition to a Low-emission Future warns 10 times that its proposals won’t damage our economy only if the U.S. and our other major trading partners are simultaneously implementing similar measures. Its optimistic economic modelling is based on that.

And yet bizarrely, it also concludes, without qualification, that: “It is not the NRTEE’s view that any of this should be justification for not taking action now to either reduce emissions now, or put in place the most effective policy framework for deep, long-term reductions in the future.” Excuse us?

Canada, which like many countries will miss its Kyoto targets, accounts for 2.1% of global GHG emissions.

The U.S., our largest trading partner, responsible for 20.6% of emissions, has refused to ratify Kyoto since the Clinton administration. What would the NRTEE have us do? Arm-wrestle the U.S. into submission?

Speculation the next American president will ratify Kyoto is merely that, speculation.

In 1997, when GHG guru Al Gore was Bill Clinton’s vice-president, Democratic and Republican members of the Senate, which must ratify Kyoto, voted 95-0 against, arguing it was detrimental to American interests because developing nations weren’t required to cut emissions. Today the developing world, led by China, is balking at accepting cuts even after Kyoto expires in 2012.

As things now stand, the NRTEE is effectively recommending Canadians pay significantly more for carbon (meaning for virtually everything) for decades to come, at the risk of severely damaging our economy, especially in Alberta and Ontario, for what would be a futile gesture to combat global warming even if successful, and even if countries responsible for up to 10 times our emissions do nothing.

But if everyone else suddenly reverses course inspired by our example, we should be okay.

That’s not a policy. It’s insanity.

The Harper government requested this report. It should thank the NRTEE — and shelve it.

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