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Huron Kinloss windfarm discussions going private

February 4, 2009


The folks in Huron – Kinloss should be outraged by this turn of events. The council was warned about the problems that were likely to occur by siting turbines so close to homes.

Now they want a private closed door meeting excluding the general public but inviting supporters of wind farms. Something besides the hog barns smells bad in Huron Kinloss

When the wind farm opened the public was not invited to the ceremony.  WHY?

You may want to call CKNX Radio AM920 and voice your opinion or call the Huron – Kinloss Municipal hall


Huron Kinloss windfarm discussions going private

The problems future wind farms may bring to Huron Kinloss will move behind close doors. Council is concerned about a presentation recently which blamed the wind farms on health problems. Mayor Mitch Twolan was given the go-ahead by council to set up a private meeting with all the players. He will be inviting wind farm representatives, Hydro One, MPP Carol Mitchell, agricultural representatives and local supporters of the farms. He wants to find out what Huron-Kinloss can or cannot do at the township level. Twolan said there are no wind farm projects on the horizon at the moment.

CKNX Radio AM920 4 February 2009

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