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Maurice Strong turns 80

August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Maurice!

No one has done more to undermine the sovereignty of Canada than You!


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EPCOR and the Ontario Power Authority mutually agree to terminate Kingsbridge II contract

October 15, 2008
Suncor wind farm Ripley

Embridge wind farm Kincardine

CTV News did a story on health problems associated with wind farms. Ernie Marshall moved from his home at the Kingsbridge l wind farm after suffering health problems. I would like to think this had something to do with Epcor’s  decision not to go ahead with the second phase of the project. A corporation with a heart?

Wind turbines cause health problems, residents say – CTV News

TORONTO and GODERICH, ON, Oct. 15 /CNW/ – EPCOR Utilities Inc. (EPCOR) announced today that the company and the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) have mutually agreed to terminate the renewable energy supply agreement for EPCOR’s 160 megawatt Kingsbridge II wind project in the Township of Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh.

The Kingsbridge II project was selected through a Request for Proposals
(RFP) process in November 2005, and a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for output from the project was signed on November 21, 2005. The PPA required the project to be in service by October 31, 2008.

EPCOR experienced delays obtaining provincial and municipal approvals forthe project, and uncertainty respecting regulations concerning the project’s layout, design, and testing. As a result, EPCOR would be unable to meet the contracts conditions as a result of circumstances beyond its control. EPCOR has decided in cooperation with the OPA that it will not proceed with this project as originally planned. EPCOR will not incur any asset write-downs associated with this decision.

Source CNW Group

Election Canada 2008 Results Huron-Bruce

October 14, 2008

Ben Lobb is your MP for Huron Bruce

For updates visit Elections Canada

Preliminary Results
Huron–Bruce Last updated: 23:05 ET
Party Candidate Votes % Votes
Christian Heritage Party Dave Joslin 478 1.6 1.6%
Conservative Ben Lobb 13,079 44.6 44.6%
Liberal Greg McClinchey 9,534 32.5 32.5%
NDP-New Democratic Party Tony McQuail 4,532 15.5 15.5%
Green Party Glen Smith 1,548 5.3 5.3%
Independent Dennis Valenta 143 0.5 0.5%
Total number of valid votes: 29,314

Who won the election?

The people of Canada

I want to take this opportunity to thank the people of Quebec, for saving my country, for now at least. Without you, Harper would have his majority.

Harper did not get his majority, so Canada should be safe for the time being. It will be hard for him to push the NAU.

Dion did not win, so Canada won’t get hammered with a carbon tax.

May did not win her seat, so maybe she’ll shut up about the global warming fraud. Hell, maybe she’ll move back to her home country, the USA, and have Al Gore’s baby.

Layton never took the opportunity to speak out against the global warming fraud that was pushed by the Liberals and the Greens, nor did he take the opportunity to speak out against the NAU that Harper wants to institute. He remains a quiet traitor.

Just a quick note.

I just cast my vote.

Sad to see people at the polling center still not knowing who to vote for, or voting for someone while holding their nose.

I voted for none of the traitors of my country.

I didn’t vote for

  • Harper
  • Dion
  • Layton
  • May

I didn’t vote for any of the above because I still believe in Canada.

Oh Canada! Who stands on guard for thee?

Oh Canada! Who stands on guard for thee?

How can an election take place in Canada with no real mention of Healthcare?

How can an election take place in Canada with no real mention of Education?

How can an election take place in Canada with no real mention of Economy?

How can an election take place in Canada with no real mention of the Farmers.

How can an election take place in Canada with no real mention of anything that is important to Canadians?

Canadians have given up on themselves and their country. They feel they have no power to change things.

They have, as the late George Carlin said about Americans, “will likely remain willfully ignorant”.

Too tired, mentally lazy and over medicated to do anything.

Hell, most Canadians think global warming is real. They sit in front of their TV’s sucking up the propaganda without ever raising a question.

The political leaders in this country are traitors to both Canada and the Canadian people. They work for their masters, not Canada or it’s people. Same in the States.

Please read the Green Agenda via my site or google to understand what is going on.

The Canadian Healthcare system must be destroyed in order to bring into line with the American system, so that Canada can be integrated into the NAU. (North American Union)

Interesting times ahead for the people of Canada and the USA.

Canadian Election 2008 – Who Are you Going to Vote For?

September 18, 2008

So – Who you gonna vote for?
What a choice!

The Plan to Disappear Canada

National Post
Canada Green Party leader sorry for not smoking pot
AFP – 18 hours ago
OTTAWA (AFP) — Canada’s Green Party leader Elizabeth May apologized on Wednesday for never having smoked marijuana, as she unveiled her election plank,
Green Party releases platform, includes GST hike National Post
Larsen resigns as NDP candidate
Whistler Question,  Canada – 52 minutes ago
Dana Larsen has resigned as the New Democratic Party candidate in the West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country riding. Whistler – Not wanting the
BC NDP candidate Larsen quits over drug links
Coca controversy ousts NDP candidate Globe and Mail
Stoner’s NDP bid up in smoke Winnipeg Sun
Grits call on ‘stars’ to boost struggling Dion
Calgary Herald,  Canada – 5 hours ago
The rollout continues today when MP Michael Ignatieff, once considered the party’s crowned prince, takes to the stage to rescue Liberal Leader Stephane Dion
A big-team approach may turn the game around for Dion Globe and Mail
Stephane Dion to Bob Rae: No more help please; it’s killing me National Post
All eyes on Harper as Tories wrestle with Ritz listeriosis controversy
The Canadian Press, OTTAWA – 45 minutes ago
OTTAWA — The Liberals and the NDP clamoured for Gerry Ritz’s ouster Thursday as the campaign trail braced for Stephen Harper’s reaction to the public-health
Harper under pressure to apologize over minister’s listeriosis jokes
Harper says he’d protect Quebec’s on-air identity Globe and Mail
Ritz sorry for ‘tasteless’ Listeria comments