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German experience with wind power

March 10, 2008


The Annual (2005) Wind Report for E.ON Netz
An account of the German experience with wind power.

Vital information for those interested to know where our money is being wasted,
or diverted into somebody else’s pocket….

The full document ENE_Wind Report 2005 is quite long, but summarised in Summary.pdf

to download, right-click on title, then “save as”… to view immediately in browser, just click on title

E.ON Netz, (the company which owns Powergen) is one of Germany’s largest electric grid operators. It serves a population of 20 million people living in 40 percent of Germany’s land area. It runs 32,500 kilometers of high voltage power lines, and is responsible for integrating 7,000 megawatts of wind power, nearly half of that installed in all Germany, which has more wind power installed than any other country, including the United States and Denmark.

One of E.ON Netz’s most notable conclusions is that wind energy cannot replace conventional power stations to any significant degree.
In the words of the report, “In order to guarantee reliable electricity supplies when wind farms produce little or no power, eg. during periods of calm or storm-related shutdowns, traditional power station capacities must be available as a reserve. This means that wind farms can only replace traditional power station capacities to a limited degree.” (page 9).
Furthermore, the report says that as more wind power is built, its capacity to replace conventional power sources, never more than 8 percent, actually declines. (page 9). In other words, E.ON’s experience shows conclusively that those who expect wind power to prevent a nuclear build up, or to reduce the need for gas and coal stations, have been seriously misled.
This is astounding! That company – perhaps the major player in the windfarm business – is openly declaring that wind power can not deliver the goods when it comes to reducing emissions or producing reliable electricity for our national needs!

Amongst the many questions that inevitably arise:

  • This huge windfarm company recognises that windfarms are essentially useless
    so where does that leave us?
  • Why is this country not learning something from the German experience?
  • Why do windfarm companies continue to force their useless product on to us?

The answer to the last question is obvious enough: quite simply “they do it for the subsidies and for the money”. And they get lots of that! But of course we’ve got lots of money to spare – haven’t we?
Perhaps the self-styled “green” fundamentalists would care to answer the other questions… if they can, or dare…

26 new coal plants in Germany

According to Der Spiegel, Mar. 21, 2007, Germany is planning 26 new coal-fired electricity plants. And according to the New York Times, June 20, 2006, 8 are on a fast track for completion by 2010 or so.