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Paulson says US bail-out working

November 12, 2008

Editor: He should have said the plan is working for his friends – everybody else can screw off. America has been robbed in the same fashion as 1929.

History repeats.


Paulson says US bail-out working

Henry Paulson outlined three ‘critical priorities’ for the rescue plan

He also appeared to rule out giving any of the funds to US carmakers, saying the bail-out was for financial firms.

The $700bn (£494bn) US bail-out package has already “clearly helped stabilise” the financial system, US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has said.

But he added that there were still many challenges ahead and market turbulence was likely to continue for some time.

Mr Paulson said authorities had abandoned plans to use some of the $700bn to buy up banks’ bad debts.

Source BBC

Nancy Pelosi–conspirator in pearls – Delivering American sovereignty over to the United Nations

What he really means as delivered by the late George Carlin. The first time I watched this I had a hard time believing they would actually go after the pension money, well……….. Listen to George, he understood truth.

Senate attaches renewables tax credits to economic bailout bill

October 2, 2008


Not only did the Senate vote in favor of the 700 billion – they also voted in favor of financing the next big scam. Where did the wind farm scam begin?

And who helped Enron?

Enron – The BIG Sponsor of Global Warming Hysteria!

A member of former U.S. president Bill Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development, Lay met with Clinton and vice-president Al Gore,

Enron: The Godfather of Kyoto

Simultaneously, Enron commissioned an internal study of global warming science, … Theresa Heinz), Bill Clinton, Al Gore and other greed-driven businesses. …

Enron Gave Big Bucks to Democrats, Backed ‘Global Warming‘ Scam

As a result, Enron used its open door to the Clinton White House to lobby what he described as the problem of “global warming,” a theory discredited by

Enron and the Environmental Movement

Because wind farms are intermittent and they are backed up with gas Enron stood to make a fortune, as do players today.

Connect the Enron Dots to Bush: Enron is Whitewater in spades

As governor, Bush did what Enron wanted, cutting taxes and deregulating utilities. The deregulation ideology, which George W. long had adopted as gospel ,

Sub-Prime Scam

Sub-Prime Scam

The next big scam – Wind energy – Carbon Credits

It’s going to get very expensive to heat and light your home.


Maurice Strong was named to head Earth Summit II, a World Conference to heralded by Senators Al Gore and Timothy Wirth, and environmental organizations.

Nancy Pelosi & T. Boone Pickens make$$$$$

Does Nancy want to keep gas prices high ??? Nancy and T. Boone want YOUR money. (to make even more, of course) (QUOTE) Nancy Pelosi says

Wind Farms: Energy For The Future? No. Making T. Boone Pickens ..

I think T. Boone Pickens is a genius. He’s doing exactly what Al Gore is doing – – harnessing the …. Heck, what do you think Al Gore’s scam is all about?

The History of the Global Warming Scare


The Green Agenda

is where you will find the truth and meet the players.

The best way to deal with a scam is to understand it.

Vote Republican or Democrat to ensure the scams continue.

or you could vote for another party or an independent.

It’s your vote – use it wisely

Some words of wisdom from the late George Carlin

Think before you vote!

George Carlin has died – May People Never Forget The Truth Of His Words

June 23, 2008

george carlin

George was the King of Truth

George always asked people to think

It’s time to show George we got the message

It’s time for everyone to


George Carlin talks about Global Warming

February 6, 2008

George tells it like it is