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UN warns on food price inflation

March 6, 2008
The UN causes the problem and then warns us about it. Brilliant!
The reason food prices are rising is because of the UN.
The global warming scam is a product of the UN. They know exactly what they are doing. They push for renewable energy knowing full well what the outcome will be. Biofuel is the art of burning crops which starves the poor when prices rise. Wind and solar push up the price of electricity forcing the closure of manufacturing plants. Everything the UN is doing is having a planned negative affect on both people and countries.
The UN is a cable of business and politicians who want to control the world and it’s resources. They want to reduce the world population from 6 to 2 billion people. Starvation, sickness and wars are the calling card of the UN.
The UN is the enemy. Read Agenda 21 and do some research.
Don’t expect your TV, Radio or Newspaper to tell you want is going on.
UN warns on food price inflation

Pakistani women at subsidised food store 03.03.08

Governments are urged to take action to help ease rising prices

The head of the UN World Food Programme has warned that the rise in basic food costs could continue until 2010. Josette Sheeran blamed soaring energy and grain prices, the effects of climate change and demand for biofuels.

Miss Sheeran has already warned that the WFP is considering plans to ration food aid due to a shortage of funds.

Some food prices rose 40% last year, and the WFP fears the world’s poorest will buy less food, less nutritious food or be forced to rely on aid.

The WFP says countries where price rises are expected to have a most direct impact include Zimbabwe, Eritrea, Haiti, Djibouti, the Gambia, Tajikistan, Togo, Chad, Benin, Myanmar, Cameroon, Niger, Senegal, Yemen and Cuba. Areas where the WFP is already seeing an impact include:

  • Afghanistan: 2.5 million people in Afghanistan cannot afford the price of wheat, which rose more than 60% in 2007
  • Bangladesh: The price of rice has risen 25% to 30% over the last three months. In 2007, the price rose about 70%.
  • El Salvador: Rural communities are buying 50% less food than they did 18 months ago with the same amount of money. This means their nutritional intake, on an already poor diet, is cut by half.
  • Anger over rising food prices have already led to riots in Burkino Faso, Cameroon, Senegal and Morocco.
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