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Ontario Hydro – The Future

April 28, 2009

This video spoof of BC Hydro should be looked at as a warning for people living in Ontario.

The “Green Cult” has too much say in the operation of our electrical generation system.

This must STOP!

Huron Kinloss windfarm discussions going private

February 4, 2009


The folks in Huron – Kinloss should be outraged by this turn of events. The council was warned about the problems that were likely to occur by siting turbines so close to homes.

Now they want a private closed door meeting excluding the general public but inviting supporters of wind farms. Something besides the hog barns smells bad in Huron Kinloss

When the wind farm opened the public was not invited to the ceremony.  WHY?

You may want to call CKNX Radio AM920 and voice your opinion or call the Huron – Kinloss Municipal hall


Huron Kinloss windfarm discussions going private

The problems future wind farms may bring to Huron Kinloss will move behind close doors. Council is concerned about a presentation recently which blamed the wind farms on health problems. Mayor Mitch Twolan was given the go-ahead by council to set up a private meeting with all the players. He will be inviting wind farm representatives, Hydro One, MPP Carol Mitchell, agricultural representatives and local supporters of the farms. He wants to find out what Huron-Kinloss can or cannot do at the township level. Twolan said there are no wind farm projects on the horizon at the moment.

CKNX Radio AM920 4 February 2009

Reeve outraged by MPP’s comments

Doctor calls for health study

Green, not dumb – The Reality of Wind Energy

September 29, 2008


It is quite unfortunate that a man like Mr. Carr, former CEO of the Ontario Power Authority, who has known for a long time, the problems with wind energy, declined to step forward until now.

Many families in the province have had their lives ruined while he and his colleagues remained silent.

That said, maybe his words will encourage others to step forward.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who refused, to shut up, lay down or go away. Be proud of the fight you have, and continue to wage. Truth and justice are always worth the effort.

May other citizens learn from your example.

Jan Carr, former OPA CEO, will now tell you exactly what we have been saying for years.

Thanks for coming forward Mr. Carr, and welcome aboard the truth train.

Mr. Carr’s letter to the Globe and Mail.


Green, not dumb

Toronto — My wife suggested Murray Campbell’s use of “old” in “dumb old utility guys” should be my basis for a complaint to a human rights tribunal (‘Dougs’ Take Warning: Curious George Is Keen On Green – Sept. 25), as the former CEO of the Ontario Power Authority.

Let the facts speak for themselves. The OECD’s International Energy Agency and the websites of the European utilities themselves say it all. In spite of hype about their innovation in renewable energy, both Germany and Denmark derive half of their electricity from coal-fired stations. As its nuclear generating stations reach the end of their design-lives, Germany will have to decide between building new coal-fired generation (it already has 10 times the amount that Ontario has) and abandoning its no-new-nuclear policy. With a quarter of its supply coming from renewables and more on the way, Ontario’s electricity is already considerably greener than Germany’s and soon will take league leadership from Denmark.

Then check electricity prices. Germans pay double and Danes triple what Ontarians do.

From the Globe and Mail

Today at noon, Ontario’s 672MW’s of wind were producing 32MW’s

Energy Price Shock -Two Energy Firms to Raise Prices

August 21, 2008

If you live in North America take a close look at what is coming. The Greens want to destroy the economies of
the industrialized world, via political pressure and the blocking of opening oil reserves and new nuclear power.
Expect massive increases in your electric bill in the very near future. Watch as more and more manufacturing flees North America and heads to China and other Asian countries.
While China and others continue to build coal plants – we will rely on expensive intermittent wind and solar for our power.
Read the Green Agenda – after which you should be rightfully pissed at your elected officials.

Energy firms E.On and Scottish and Southern Energy are to raise gas and electricity prices by up to 29%.

E.On said it would up its gas prices by 26% and electricity bills by 16% on 22 August for domestic customers.

Gas rings

The move comes shortly after British Gas announced a record rise in bills

Scottish and Southern followed a few hours later by announcing a 29.2%
increase in gas bills, with electricity tariffs up by 19.2% on 25

This is E.On’s second price rise for domestic customers this year. In
February it put up gas bills by 15% and electricity tariffs by 9.7%.

are extremely concerned that the one in three pensioner households
likely to be living in fuel poverty by the end of the year will feel
forced to cut back on essential food or fuel

Gordon Lishman, Age Concern

Complete Article

Prepare Yourself For A Jolt

February 18, 2008
Prepare yourself for a jolt

Today, let me shine a light on more hydro madness.If you live in smaller communities across this province and you’re a Hydro One customer, brace yourself to be zapped by what could be a shocking increase in the cost to deliver electricity to your home.

Municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals better brace themselves, too. Higher hydro bills are on the way, effective April 1, when Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals force the MUSH sector to start paying the fluctuating hourly market price for electricity, instead of the flat-rate regulated price that most households and small businesses now pay.

Sadly, this is no April Fool’s Day joke.

Hospitals and schools that are already struggling and cash-strapped cities, like Toronto, will pay peak day-time hydro prices for water, subways and social housing.


Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator suggests municipalities shift consumption to the night-time, when the cost is cheaper at 3.8c a kilowatt hour.

That may work for water filtration and sewage plants, but does that mean our kids go to school at night? And hospitals, arenas and fire stations shut down during the day?

Municipalities can also lock into contracts with electricity retailers, but one hydro expert warns that as in many U.S. States that deregulated electricity, hydro prices are heading higher.

“Over the next two decades the government plans to allow private corporations to provide most of the new electricity we require. It also plans to allow these corporations to charge uncapped prices. This means over time electricity costs will rise as electricity prices include more and more unregulated corporate profit,” said John Wilson, an energy consultant and former Hydro One board member.

Wilson warns municipalities will have no other choice but to cut services or hike taxes.

“For a Liberal government that lists education, health and municipalities among its top priorities this is strange behaviour,” said Wilson, pointing out Premier McGuinty broke an election promise and hit Ontarians with a new health tax to help struggling hospitals.

Meanwhile, city leaders in my hometown of Orillia are fighting back.

In a resolution that passed Feb. 4, councillors in Stephen Leacock’s Mariposa town, who complain electricity is already one of its biggest costs, are demanding McGuinty suspend his plans to deregulate the price the MUSH sector pays.

Now, here’s why Hydro One customers face higher distribution rates.

As it promised in a prospectus, before a Tory plan to sell off the publicly owned utility through an IPO was blocked by the courts, Hydro One is pushing ahead with harmonizing rural rates after it swallowed up 88 smaller utilities in 2001 and 2002.

In its application to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), Hydro One is seeking approval to generate $1,067,000,000 in revenue and to consolidate delivery rates through a four-year phase-in plan.

The OEB notice says if the application is approved, Hydro One “indicates an average customer would experience an increase of less than 1% on the total electricity bill.” Delivery costs, which have already been heading higher, are one of four items on an electricity bill, including the hated debt retirement tax.

If approved, families in rural areas are going to see their delivery charges jump as high as 35% over the next four years, depending on where they live.

For example, the folks who live in Avonmore will see their delivery charges rise by 8% this year, and a whopping 34.9% in four years, according to a chart on Hydro One’s web site ( In Owen Sound, the rate will jump by 6.4% this year, and by 30% in four years; Rockland Town 8.5% and 33.5%; and Wardsville 8.8% and 29.6%. Other areas, like Springfield Village don’t get his as hard with a 4.1% hike this year and 10.5% in the next four years.

A Hydro One spokesman explained a harmonized rate structure means “all of our customers with similar energy needs and requirements, no matter where they live or do business” would pay the same rate.

Bottom line is many families and small businesses are already struggling with skyrocketing electricity bills, since Ontario started going down the dark road of hydro deregulation. Seniors on fixed incomes have been hit particularly hard.

“Many of my clients are having a tough time making ends meet and this is another nail in the coffin,” said Burke Chamberlin, owner of Whitfield Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning in Bancroft, where distribution rates would rise by 8.7% this year and 21.2% in four years.

Chamberlin is circulating an e-mail to try to encourage Ontarians to fight back.

“It’s time for all Ontarians, and in this case especially the rural population to stand up and be heard and let the province’s regulators know enough is enough.”

The Hydro One spokesperson said people can take part in public hearings.

“Public participation helps ensure the OEB makes an informed decision on our rates,” she said.

To have your say, go to the OEB’s website at or call the consumer relations centre at 1-877-632-2727.

Angry taxpayers keep asking when will we ever see an end to the debt retirement tax, which is paying down the old stranded Ontario Hydro debt of $20.9 billion.

According to the Electricity Act, the debt should be paid off between 2012 and 2020. But while you and I go broke paying our skyrocketing bills, here’s more hydro madness, after they busted up Ontario Hydro into five pieces and sold off many valuable assets paid by taxpayers.

Hydro One has had a revolving door of highly paid CEOs, with Tom Parkinson walking away with a $5 million parachute, on top of a $1.7-million salary.

The heads at Ontario Power Generation and the Independent Electricity System Operator get fat-cat pay of $1.5 million and $1.2 million respectively.

There’s been a 24% hike in civil servant pay packages of $100,000 a year, most of them at hydro. McGuinty and his crew at Queen’s Park got a 25% pay hike.

And Toronto Hydro sought a 6.3% hike in electricity prices to make up for lost revenue, because too many of us are starting to conserve energy.

Don’t get me going on the smart meters McGuinty is forcing into every home by 2010 that will have us getting up at 4 a.m. to cook meals and do laundry.

That’s another column.

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