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Canadian Oath Keeper on the Jack McLamb Radio Show

September 17, 2009

Jack has been the leader of an organization called Police & Military Against The New World Order for more than 30 years and has a regular radio show that chronicles his work and that movement.

Jack  asked Doug Schapira to come onto the show to discuss Oath Keepers of Canada, a concept that seeks to inspire Patriotic Canadian policemen and soldiers to not comply with the mandates of the New World Order and to refuse to carry out orders that violate the freedom, fundamental rights, health, property rights, individual/ national sovereignty and safety of their fellow Canadians.

Listen to the radio broadcast

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empty shelves and bloodshed as fury at soaring costs spreads around the world

June 12, 2008

Please send the elites at the UN a big thank you for implementing Agenda21. Psychopaths are in control of the world, and we are going to pay dearly if we don’t stop the madness.

Gridlocked cities, empty shelves and bloodshed as fury at soaring costs spreads around the world

By Ian Sparks
Last updated at 11:39 AM on 12th June 2008

Worldwide protests over the rising price of fuel escalated today, with the Philippines presidential palace besieged by lorries, fishermen burning their boats in Thailand, and Spanish petrol stations running dry as hauliers blockade major roads.

Violence has already claimed lives of lorry drivers on either side of the dispute, while one haulier was nearly burned to death in his cab by strikers.

Hundreds of lorries and minibuses blocked roads in Manila leading to Malacanang Palace today to demand the lifting of a 12 per cent sales tax on fuel. Petrol prices there have risen about 24 per cent this year.

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Manila fuel protest

Anger: Drivers take their grievances onto the streets of Manila

Traffic ground to a halt as anti-riot police halted the convoy, including about 500 tuk-tuks, Manila’s three-wheeled taxis.

In Thai capital Bangkok, tens of thousands of heavy lorries are threatening to cause havoc while farmers are demonstrating and fishermen have begun burning their boats in nationwide protests against soaring prices of fuel and other essentials.

Lorry drivers’ leaders warned the government that it has until next Tuesday to subsidise their fuel or face at least 100,000 vehicles rumbling into Bangkok.

A half-day strike yesterday by lorry drivers who parked their vehicles on roads across the country was only a prelude to next week’s possible push into Bangkok, they said.
Finance Minister Suraphong Suebwonglee said there were plans to help reduce transport costs.

‘I am not concerned about the lorry drivers’ threat to strike because the government is seeking to subsidise the transport sectors as the whole,’ he said.

One fishermen’s group said more than half of the 50,000 fishing boats under its wing are being kept ashore because of the high cost of diesel.

Thai Airways International raised its fuel surcharges by up to 100 per cent yesterday day due to the rising cost of jet fuel.

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World crisis: Thai truck drivers block the highway during a strike protest against high fuel prices on a highway on the outskirts of Bangkok


Fury united: Activists from the Communist Party of India stop a train at Guwahati Railway Station during a protest against the hike in fuel prices today

Meanwhile opposition groups in Malaysia today vowed to push on with mass protests against a 41 per cent hike in petrol prices – despite a pledge from the Prime Minister to keep prices fixed for the rest of the year.

Malaysia is Asia’s largest net oil exporter, earning £38 million a year in revenue for every 50 pence rise in crude prices. Protesters demanded to know why rising profits from oil exports were not being used as subsidies to the poor.

A march is planned tomorrow in Kuala Lumpur to the Petronas Twin Towers, headquarters of oil giant Petronas.

A million people are expected for another demonstration in the capital next month.

Police have warned they will take action against protesters, with a permit required for any gatherings of more than four people.

Malaysia followed India, Indonesia, Taiwan and Sri Lanka by raising pump prices last week.

On Monday, Nepal became the latest Asian nation to rise prices to stem losses of a state firm.

Also in Asia, South Korean lorry drivers voted to strike on Monday, ignoring a £5 billion government aid package designed to cushion the impact of fuel price rises.

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Spain prices protest

A protesting farmer throws produce at riot police in Almeria, southern Spain

Spain food shortages

A shopper picks out the few remaining oranges at a supermarket in Madrid as shortages begin to bite

Enlarge fuel

Fuel anger: An injured farmer kneels in front of riot police during clashes between fuel-protest farmers and riot police in Almeria

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10-year-old arrested for using knife in school lunchroom?

December 21, 2007
What does this story have to do with wind farms? Actually, this story has a lot in common with wind farms. Fear. This story shows what happens when logic and common sense are replaced by fear. I can’t even imagine how these kids function, living in constant fear. When I was in school we had fights. We had knives. We even had a gun range in the school, and the guns weren’t locked up. I don’t recall any of my classmates being involved in a violent crime. Security is big business if everyone is afraid.
Wind farms like so many things now, is sold to us via the fear factor. If we don’t put up these turbines now, the lights will go out. No they won’t. If the wind farms don’t go up, Global Warming will kill us all and “YOU ” will be responsible.

Take our money, take our freedom, take our land, TAKE IT ALL just make us feel safe. Guess what, you have given everything away and you still live in FEAR.

Why? Because that’s all you have left.
Compliments of the Media, Govt., &  Corporations everywhere
FEAR and more FEAR.
Wake up!


FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:

A 10-year-old Florida girl was arrested for using a knife to cut her food. She didn’t threaten anyone. She didn’t attack anyone. She used the knife to cut a piece of steak she brought from home for her lunch.

Yet school officials at Sunrise Elementary school in Ocala, Florida called police, had her arrested and she was taken away to juvenile detention.

The girl now reportedly faces a felony charge for possessing a weapon on school property along with a 10-day suspension.

Apparently it was teachers who called the sheriff after the 5th grader used the knife in the cafeteria to cut the meat. When cops showed up, they couldn’t reach her parents on the phone so they arrested the girl and took her to the county’s juvenile assessment center.

School officials acknowledge that she didn’t do anything wrong with the knife, just used it to cut her meat. But they say it doesn’t matter what the knife was used for, that the district has “zero tolerance for weapons on school grounds.” I wonder if that applies to forks, too. These are morons.

Of course no one will admit they may have overreacted. The sheriff’s office points the finger at the school, saying that once they’re notified they have to take some kind of action. I guess taking the knife away from the girl never occurred to them.

The girl’s uncle says she’s been very upset. He says they understand that measures need to be taken to make sure people don’t come to school with weapons, but his niece is “a really good kid.”

Interested to know which ones made it on air?

Here’s my question to you: Is it going too far when a 10-year-old girl is arrested for bringing a steak knife to school to eat her lunch?

Larry from Redondo Beach, California writes:
I think the problem here is not zero tolerance, but zero common sense among other things. And the wrong person got hauled away by the sheriff. Should have been the teacher who called them.

Ernie from Ocala, Florida writes:
Jack, As a resident of Ocala, Florida, I can qualify your assertion that these people are morons, this town is full of them. That’s why I bought a boat, so I can escape this hick town once in a while.

Dora writes:
Jack, get real. We have at least 320 million people living in this country. We can’t make a different rule for every person. The rule is: no weapons on school grounds or in school. That’s the rule. I am surprised that a complainer like you encourages people to break rules.

Brian from Jersey City, New Jersey writes:
Jack, School officials have obviously confused a weapon with a utensil. Perhaps they should look up the difference in a dictionary or encyclopedia, I mean, you know, that being a school and all.

Cheryl writes:
What were the parents of the 10 year-old thinking? Why didn’t they cut the steak at home and send it in the proper container with the girl to eat at lunchtime? Were the police wrong? Yes, a little too drastic, but the stupidity of the parents surpasses any measures taken by the school or police!

Brad writes:
Mr. Cafferty, You made this story up, right? No one running a school in America is truly this stupid… are they?

Joseph writes:
Zero tolerance for weapons? Something isn’t a weapon until a person uses it in a harmful way. Desks, books, even pencils and pens can all be used as weapons. So should students go to a school in an empty padded room?

Brittany from Alabama writes:
We can install video cameras, metal detectors and hire as many police as we want to keep our schools safe but if someone is insane enough to wreak havoc they will find a way. A ten year-old using a knife to eat lunch is not a threat. Where do these idiots get the idea that arresting a kid is better than simply taking it away from her? We are constantly pumping false fear into society.

Bruce from Vienna, Virginia writes:
Regarding the 10-year-old arrested for cutting meat with a knife in school: if this isn’t a case of “Go vegetarian and nobody gets hurt,” I don’t know what is.

Some of the comments will freak you out as much as the story.

Posted by: Jack Cafferty

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