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Wind Turbine Conference in Owen Sound and Walkerton

September 26, 2009


Plan to attend one or both meetings and listen to the Propaganda from various Ministries as they attempt to explain the lies that the wind industry is built upon.

Come and listen to Dr. Copes who Hazel Lynn (Medical Officer of Health) describes as a world- renown expert in the field.

A search of google turns up no information connecting Dr. Copes to any information about wind turbines and health.

I have called and left a message for Dr. Copes to provide me with information that would verify that he is an expert on wind turbines and health.

No Reply yet.

I will update when and if I get the information requested.

The entire wind industry is based on smoke and mirrors just like any other well delivered con.

Your community is at risk, as is your health, if you are unlucky enough to end up living near an Industrial Wind Turbine

Note- Shortly after posting this I received an interesting e-mail from a reader regarding Dr. Copes

This Doctor who will be giving the presentation Dr. Ray Copes is nothing more than a Industrialists’ hack who backs up Industry that is accused of pollution….he’s an expert on lead in lipstick…………he’s an expert on noxious fumes from smokestacks………………..all in favour of the Industry who pollutes… in essence he is perfect for Smitherman and company who hire nothing but the best “lap dogs” in their smoke and mirrors propaganda run on TV and publicly called “information meetings”……………..every single WCO member down that way should welcome this idiot to their township on behalf of Hazel Lynn who is touting that he is an “expert”…………..he is an expert in BS!

read his press comments form B.C.

Please take the time to attend these meetings.

Grey Bruce
by Ken Hashizume

The health effects from wind turbines will be discussed at an upcoming forum.

The Grey Bruce Health Unit is organizing two conferences — one on October 1st in Owen Sound and another at Walkerton’s Jubilee Hall on October 6th.

Medical Officer of Health Doctor Hazel Lynn says they will have Ray Copes — Head of the environmental division of the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion — to speak at the conferences.

She says Copes held a similar position in British Columbia where he collected evidence on wind turbines and is a world-renown expert in that field.

She says Copes is a medical doctor with an environmental background in public health.

Doctor Lynn says they will also have someone from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure at the conference.

She says they will talk about the Certificates of Approval that are required before construction and the government’s Green Energy Act.

Doctor Lynn says the forum will be set up where they will be a panel of experts delivering the information on their topic.

She says it won’t be a debate — rather an information session for municipal officials and residents.

Doctor Lynn says the health unit has no position on the wind turbine debate.

She says some people are more sensitive to environmental impacts than others.

She says she is not in a position to say whether wind turbines cause health problems because there hasn’t been a lot of scientific evidence that can prove it.

News Center

Enbridge Wind Farm Kincardine

Enbridge Wind Farm Kincardine


April 25, 2009

A free admission event to inspire the community to aspire to create a self sufficient
localized economy based on truly organic agriculture. We can create new employment
opportunities in our area as the conventional economy crumbles. We can counter poverty and improve public health by ensuring a healthy affordable food supply for our community.

Join a community workshop to encourage a move away from the failing globalized economy and inspire small business entrepreneurship to revitalize our economy.
Central Westside United Church (basement rental facility)
Sat. May 2, 2009 11am—5pm (stay for part or all)
310– 10th St. W. at 3rd Ave W.– Owen Sound—Parking on
west side of bldg.


Michael Schmidt –Biodynamic Organic Dairy Farmer– “The courage for civil disobedience to save our children’s future” Inspiring words for challenging times!
Noon to 1 pm

Freeman Boyd– Phd.- Coordinator for the Grey Bruce Local Food Project– How can the local government help this movement? What programs exist? Question and answer period.
1:15 pm to 2:15 pm

CODEX ALIMENTARIUS –United Nations Food Policy– Comes into full effect Dec.31,
2009—How can this international bureaucratic set of standards effect well meant measures in our community to become self-sufficient in food production?– Film by Dr. Rima Laibow MD

Share your wisdom with the community—Help devise a blueprint to revitalize our community
and boldly look toward a new socio-economic archetype that will create new opportunities for
many and secure our future in these troubled times– FREE SPEECH IS A MUST!

BILL C-6– Protect our right to the foods and natural health products of our choice
OATH KEEPERS– The people of Owen Sound and Civil Servants– A Common Vision
for a peaceful secure community in the face of potential times of adversity
-Selected local musicians will entertain– local business displays

Local Musical Performer “Bad Touch” will entertain from 11:20 to about 11:45

For More Info: Call Doug Schapira 519-379-9105
Children and teens welcome– bring a lunch if you wish-bring your love