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Energy Price Shock -Two Energy Firms to Raise Prices

August 21, 2008

If you live in North America take a close look at what is coming. The Greens want to destroy the economies of
the industrialized world, via political pressure and the blocking of opening oil reserves and new nuclear power.
Expect massive increases in your electric bill in the very near future. Watch as more and more manufacturing flees North America and heads to China and other Asian countries.
While China and others continue to build coal plants – we will rely on expensive intermittent wind and solar for our power.
Read the Green Agenda – after which you should be rightfully pissed at your elected officials.

Energy firms E.On and Scottish and Southern Energy are to raise gas and electricity prices by up to 29%.

E.On said it would up its gas prices by 26% and electricity bills by 16% on 22 August for domestic customers.

Gas rings

The move comes shortly after British Gas announced a record rise in bills

Scottish and Southern followed a few hours later by announcing a 29.2%
increase in gas bills, with electricity tariffs up by 19.2% on 25

This is E.On’s second price rise for domestic customers this year. In
February it put up gas bills by 15% and electricity tariffs by 9.7%.

are extremely concerned that the one in three pensioner households
likely to be living in fuel poverty by the end of the year will feel
forced to cut back on essential food or fuel

Gordon Lishman, Age Concern

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School of Al Gore – your energy future looks bleak

April 2, 2008

How much longer will Gore and the energy swindle last? It is amazing that the media keeps it’s mouth zippered. Maybe it’s time to call the media and explain to them that they need us more than we need them. Remember, if you ignore them their numbers drop and that will cost them, just like these lame energy deals are going to cost you.
If you are going to take a hit it only seems fair they, who refuse to broadcast the truth take a hit as well.

Walter E. Williams

One of the many mandates of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 calls for oil companies to increase the amount of ethanol mixed with gasoline. President Bush said, during his 2006 State of the Union address, “America is addicted to oil, which is often …
Michael J. Economides
All candidates have been Gored, accepting the most outlandish and easily discountable environmental gobbledygook as facts.
Christopher C. Horner
Straight from the Climatology School of Al Gore.