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Home near turbines won't sell

May 23, 2008

A property 900 meters from wind turbines In England had been deemed unsaleable. Most wind turbines in Ont. have a 450 meter setback. Kiss your property value goodbye.

Don’t forget to send your elected officials a card thanking them for their concern.


Home near turbines won’t sell – agent

A couple who have been forced out of their home by wind turbine noise have found out their house is unsaleable.

Jane and Julian Davis moved out of their Deeping St Nicholas home in Christmas 2006 after months of sleepless nights due to what they believe is noise and vibration from wind turbines, which are around 900m from their property.

They have long believed it has no value, and their fears have now been proved justified, after estate agents Munton and Russell refused to market the property at Grays Farm.

Mrs Davis said: “We have said for a long time that our house has no market value at the moment.

“But people said ‘put your money where your mouth is’ and prove it. While we knew that was the case, it is still a very painful thing to see written down.”

Russell Gregory wrote to Mr and Mrs Davis saying until the problems with wind turbines were resolved it was impossible to put a current market value on the property as no prospective buyer would want to live there and no mortgage lender would be prepared to lend on it.

He said: “I don’t think I have ever refused one before.

“Everything has a value, but where that value lies with something like this is a bit of an unknown quantity.

“We have a duty towards the buyer but if you can’t sleep there then it is uninhabitable.”

Mr and Mrs Davis own the house but they have another 23 years to run on the tenancy of the farmland.

And if it was not for Lincolnshire County Council relaxing their rules, Mr and Mrs Davis would not be allowed to moved out without losing the land and the bungalow in which Mr Davis’ parents still live.

The whole situation has seen their plans for the future, including extending the house, thrown into turmoil.

Mrs Davis added: “It was all our life’s dreams. We had plans to build on. Everything was ready to proceed but ultimately there was no point.”

By Tom Hughes

Spalding Today

22 May 2008

Turbine appeal – Wolfe Island

April 12, 2008

“The 86 giant wind turbines on the western end of Wolfe Island will generate enough electricity to power 75,000 homes”.

No they won’t. Here lies one of the biggest problems, the media. The wind industry and the govt. give statements like this to the media and they print it without any background checks to see if the information they are given is factual. The ISO (independent system operator) in Ontario gives the wind farms in Ont. a capacity credit of 10% of plated capacity. 10% is very generous considering it is the highest capacity factor I can find. Most operators give wind a capacity factor of between 2% and 8%.

So, the 75,000 homes that are claimed to be powered by the wind farm should read, according to th ISO, 7,500.

The Govt. has and continues to reject all health and noise studies done by anyone other than the wind industry, Why?

The govt. has never done it’s own health study. Why?

They know why. If they do a health study it will open the door to reality.

They will then have to deal openly with the truth. The wind industry is built on perception not truth. As Enron said, “as long as the perception holds it is the truth”.

I suggest the media get a grip on reality. Your readers pay your bills. Show a little respect for them. They can handle the truth.


Turbine appeal

The 86 giant wind turbines on the western end of Wolfe Island will generate enough electricity to power 75,000 homes.

Opponents of a 410-million dollar wind turbine farm on wolfe island won’t rule out a court appeal — to stop the project from spinning ahead.

They’ve been trying to get the province to impose a more rigorous environmental assessment.

But so far, no luck.

That means Canadian Hydro is moving full speed ahead — with plans to start installing the turbines this summer.

Newswatch’s Stu Hay has an update.

“Disappointed” is the only word Wolfe Island resident Sarah McDermott can come up with to describe her feelings.

Wolfe Island is slated to become a giant wind-farm this October — she was hoping that the environmental impact of the project would be scrutinised more than it has been…

But she’s been told that’s not going to happen.

Sarah McDermott

“Slow down and assess this. Have an environmental review that assesses this that isn’t proponent driven, that isn’t to accommodate the project.”

Now she’ll try to appeal directly to Ontario’s Minister of the Environment, John Gerretsen.

McDermott and many others have voiced concerns that these wind turbines will be noisy and kill birds.

And they don’t think the environmental assessments done so far have allowed for enough public input.

Rob Miller of Canadian Hydro, who’s building the project, disagrees.

He says they’ve held 4 public meetings and responded to every concern they’ve received in the past 2 years.

And they’re not done yet.

Rob Miller

“There are still many checks and balances that we have to go through. We have apply for site plan approvals, we need to get building permits. We still have to get some smaller approvals from mnr and moe and many others.”

Still, mcdermott isn’t happy, and says even if john gerretsen doesn’t grant a higher level of environmental assessment, they’llcontinue to oppose the project.


“The next option would be to take it to a judicial review. So that it can be objectively looked at without any political agenda.”

But Canadian Hydro is planning to go ahead with a busy summer of construction.

He says 86 turbines will be up, and producing electricity by October.

At which time he thinks most people will wonder what the fuss was all about.


“With time people get quite comfortable with them, with wind plants and with wind farms. They understand why they are there and that experience has been proven at many other locations.”

McDermott says she ‘won’t’ be one of those converts.

And vows to continue the fight until the bitter end.

Stu Hay CKWS Newswatch Wolfe Island.

CKWS Television

11 April 2008