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New World Order

November 13, 2008

Editor: The heading on the drop down list for the BBC news feed is New World Order. The story does not mention the NWO directly, but it does confirm that the west is screwed. Please take the time to read the Green Agenda

Insight: ‘Bretton Woods Two’?

By Bridget Kendall
BBC diplomatic correspondent

A deep-seated global crisis is often a chance to redraw the map, reflecting shifts in the balance of power in different ways.

First, the crisis can confirm or nudge ahead trends which seem to be happening anyway – like the shift of power from Western to emerging Eastern players.

Second, it can put flesh on reforms already in the air – like plans to overhaul the international financial architecture to be discussed at this weekend’s summit being hosted by President Bush in Washington.

source BBC

Barack Obama – President of the USA

November 4, 2008

Barack Obama - President of the USA
Barack Obama President of the USA

What’s in store for the USA?

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Why McCain won…

October 27, 2008

Editor: I thought the election was next week. Oh well, I guess I missed the election and McCain won. Who would’ve thought.

Newsweek: Why McCain won…

Jonathan Alter
By Jonathan Alter

John McCain Why McCain won…

source BBC

The Fountainhead – A Speech Worth Listening To

October 25, 2008

Do you still believe in freedom?

Obama world tour reaches France

July 25, 2008

Read the Green Agenda in order to understand the true meaning of Obama’s words.

From the BBC

US Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama has arrived in Paris for a brief visit on his world tour ahead of the November election.

He flew into the French capital a day after a public speech in Berlin, where he called for a renewed US partnership with Europe.

He was applauded by a crowd of 200,000 in scenes reminiscent of a pop concert.

Mr Obama is meeting French President Nicolas Sarkozy before flying to London, the final stop of his tour.

Their meeting is taking place at the presidential Elysee Palace, and the two men will hold a joint news conference before Mr Obama leaves for the UK.

His visit to Paris will last just a few hours, a fact noted by French reporters contrasting it to the long day he spent in Berlin, where he met German leaders before making his speech in the central Tiergarten Park, a venue for big public festivities.

Praise from Sarkozy

As in Germany, the presidential contender enjoys high public ratings in France.

Unlike my diplomatic advisers, I never believed in Hillary Clinton’s chances
Nicolas Sarkozy
French President

Mardell blog: Obama woos Europe

US Republican presidential hopeful John McCain met Mr Sarkozy at the Elysee Palace in March.

A spokesman for the Arizona senator has accused Mr Obama of turning his tour into a “premature victory lap”.

Earlier, Mr Sarkozy said he had always believed his “friend” Mr Obama would clinch the Democratic presidential nomination.

“While the 20th Century taught us that we share a common destiny, the 21st has revealed a world more intertwined than at any time in human history,” Mr Obama said.

“But the burdens of global citizenship continue to bind us together.”

Mr Obama said partnership and co-operation among nations was “not a choice”, but “the only way to protect our common security and advance our common humanity”.

From the BBC

Read the Green Agenda in order to understand the true meaning of what is being said.