Wind Turbines Cause Health Problems – CTV News

Both Suncor and the Ontario govt. have viewed this video. They have yet to respond. Not a big surprise.

Video I took at the Suncor wind farm Ripley Ont. The Ontario govt. continues to put the health of citizens at risk. The industry and the govt. say wind turbines are whisper quiet. You be the judge


Video of wind turbines from Pennsylvania.
This video shows what wind turbines have done to the landscape, the people and property values in their area.

Dial up

Hi Speed

Short video from Texas. They are not happy with the wind industry and you shouldn’t be either.

click link to view their story

If you don’t want your countryside littered with wind turbines I suggest you get active and start writing and calling your respective Representatives.

Don’t call Carol Mitchell MPP for Huron Bruce.
She thinks wind turbines are majestic.

Enjoy the videos




2 Responses to “Videos”

  1. Felicity Martin Says:

    Hello from Australia, Hallett- we too are battling one particular cluster of the Hallett Windfarm, which would then surround the town. I can only say I strongly support the call from Adelaide’s leading solicitors for a full scale enquiry into corruption at the highest level… this would alleviate any public concern about the coincidence our Premier Mike Rann’s brother, Chris Rann has a long involvement in the wind industry- that in itself not a problem- and also in the uranium mine at Olympic Dam- both of which have enjoyed a recent flourish of activity under his brother’s leadership.

  2. Canadian4Hillary Says:

    Interesting videos, seems the health issues out way the effect of these farms. I wouldn’t want one in my backyard.

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