Wind Concerns Ontario

Wind Concerns Ontario


Although this site has sent thousands of readers to the WCO site since it’s inception I can no longer continue to do so in good conscience.

As people say a half truth is a whole lie. The very thing WCO accuses the wind industry of they themselves are guilty of.

To those in WCO who went out of their way to avoid and suppress the truth and continue to do so. ie: UN/Gore/Global Warming/Suzuki/UNESCO/Strong/Agenda 21 etc. (All at the root of the wind scam)

To those in WCO who thought writing letters to politicians would do the trick. (How did it work out?)

To those in WCO who don’t want to run for local municipal govt. (without gaining control of local councils no change will be realized)

To those in WCO who know the facts and continue to attend church but refuse to confront your clergy. The UN/Environmental/Satanist/Robert Muller cause took control of the church a long time ago. But you continue to sit in silence. Sad indeed.

To any WCO member that is a teacher and who refuses to denounce Global Warming/Agenda21 and the indoctrination of the children.

I could go on but I won’t.

To those in WCO who fit the categories above. You are as guilty as the politicians themselves.
You  refused to accept the reality and gravity of the situation that has befallen this Province and Country. Worst still, WCO refuses to educate people about the real story behind the scam for fear of possibly upsetting people and possibly losing members. (All to the benefit of a corrupt govt. and industry.)

To those in WCO that still have a sense of purpose I wish to make some suggestions.

Remove anyone from WCO who.
!)Believes someone in govt. is going to make things right
2)Believes renewable energy is a good thing. (As presented by the UN)
3)Thinks the planet is overpopulated.
4) Harbours fear in their souls
5)Believes global warming is real

There are some good people in WCO.

Recognize who they are –  reorganize-regroup and get on with the real fight that lays ahead.

There are far too many weak people in the organization who for what ever reason don’t want to deal with the whole picture.

That weakens not strengthens the organization.

I do wish WCO the best and hope at some point they see the light.

In the meantime I will continue to do my best to educate my fellow Canadians through research, articles,video and speaking truth to Canadians everywhere.

Never Forget- Germany was a Democracy

Canada needs Patriots not Pussies!

Suncor wind farm Ripley

Suncor wind farm Ripley

Enbridge wind farm Kincardine Ontario

Enbridge wind farm Kincardine Ontario

18 Responses to “Wind Concerns Ontario”

  1. barbara woloszczuk Says:

    I live close to the beautiful Scarborough Bluffs, overlooking Lake Ontario. This area is designated as an Ontario Heritage Site, however Toronto Hydro is plowing ahead with a proposal to test winds, with the hopes of installing a windfarm in Lake Ontario, 1-2 km from shore. This is very concerning as the windmills will stretch along the lake, abutting residential areas. In a few weeks, we will be having a public meeting with Toronto Hydro. Do you have any strategies in how to fight this huge corporation against the development of a windfarm?
    Do you know anybody researching wind turbine syndrome in Toronto- perhaps they could make a presentation to the public at such a meeting. How can we convince Toronto Hydro and other like thinkers, that wind power near residential areas may not be the ultimate choice.I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks so much. Sincerely, Barbara Woloszczuk

  2. Grant Church Says:

    Dear Barbara,

    This website link will take you to a mountain of videos and other information. It is criminal that setback allowances for windmills in this province are only 300m-450m from individual residences. Try pushing to have them set it further out in the lake, 3-4 km.

  3. Grant Church Says:

    Sorry, I see I missed pasting the video web link.

  4. Joe Says:

    The Owen Sound SUN TIMES has a good article about opposition to industrial wind farms. Here is a link but I’m not sure how long it will be good for.

  5. Tom Stacy Says:

    Anyone who is in or knows someone in an engineering society, please consider asking them to join their society’s energy policy team or committee, and be certain their position on wind energy is science based and not just wishful thinking! Thanks.

  6. Joe Says:

    Here are some links for wind turbine failure and noise. I understand that the structural failures were due to brake mechanism failure.


  7. David Jackson Says:

    Air under high pressure moves toward areas of low pressure. The greater the difference in pressure, the faster the air flows. What happens to this natural accurance when the movement of air is interupted and disrupted by wind farms – anybody know or even thought about it?

  8. Butré Says:

    Thanks for this web page and video comments
    I am président of french “Fédération Environnement Durable” ( 400 associations) figthting a crooked programm of 15.000 windmils on our country.. a nightmare all landscaope , all old french villages are in a deadly danger…
    J.L. Butré
    We recently decided to reinforce our protest gainst the “world powerfull lobby of wind industry”

    Paris, December 13, 2008

    Within 6days, 86 organizations have already joined EPAW (European Platform Against Windfarms)

    Friends and colleagues from around the world,

    First I want to thank you for your vibrant support of the Paris demonstration and international conference of October 4th. It has been very helpful for alerting public opinion, showing them how windfarms were hurting people in many parts of the world.
    At the Paris Conference, federations, associations, and other groups from four different EU countries founded the European Platform Against Windfarms (EPAW).
    In the past two months we have been busy fighting our own local battles against windfarms while building up EPAW, constructing a webpage for it in four languages, and preparing our request for a moratorium to be sent to the EU institutions.
    We are pleased to advise that we are now ready, as evidenced by our website:
    We invite you to read our home page, our draft letter to the EU institutions, and to send us your support and/or comments. If you belong to an organization based in the European Union, you may wish to join the Platform: the more we are, the better our chances of getting some results. And if you are from another country, we invite you to send us a short message of support as an individual or as an organization. Alternatively, you may just send an email along those lines: “you may use the message we sent to support the Paris demonstration as a message of support for EPAW; please edit accordingly.”
    The current organization chart of EPAW is the following:
    Chairman : J.L. Butré (France)
    Vice-chairman: Prince Hohenlohe-Bartenstein (Germany)
    General Delegate: Luc Rivet (Belgium)
    General Secretary (and webmaster): D. Mette (France)
    It is a light, informal structure for a fast launch, to be gradually strengthened according to the evolution of the Platform.
    Let’s all use EPAW as a tool to give an international dimension to our fight.
    Sincerely yours
    Jean Louis Butré
    President Federation Environnement Durable (France) :

    Please do not hesitate to Transfer this e-mail to all the persons or the organizations which fight against wind turbines

  9. poietes Says:

    I love the fact that you are using the Elizabeth Cady Stanton quote on your site. It is a truly wonderful quote and applicable in so many cases; however, I had never thought of using it in the case of alternative energy and government intervention.

  10. Ian's City Scope Says:

    “The economy is being blamed, in part, for the delay of an expansion of the Erie Shores Wind Farm west into Elgin county.”

    I have the story posted on the front page of my blog at

    Ian McCallum

  11. Andy May Says:

    I find it interesting that a few thousand people are informed and outraged by the Provincial Governments G.E.A. This act will increase each and every Ontario home owners hydro bill by an estimated 33% as soon as the act is legislated…FACT…the same happened in Europe…FACT…someone has to pay for this mess. ALL OF ONTARIO HOME OWNERS SHOULD BE OUTRAGED BY THIS LEGISLATION AND VOICE THEIR OPINION BEFORE THE ACT IS PASSED.

    Andy May CALEDON.ON

  12. No Wind Farm Says:

    I’m glad to see there are more people out there who oppose these behemoths–word needs to get out about their dangers and side effects from living in close proximity.

    I currently run the No Wind Farm blog here at wordpress, and right now we’re combating Florida Power and Light and their slick marketing gimmics for these turbines.

    Please, continue to spread the word! People vote “blindly” for these things before they know the consequences their actions will have, subjecting others to the noise, ice throws, flicker, etc.

  13. Tom McCann Says:

    When you stand on the Scarborough Bluffs, you can easily hear a jet ski a mile out. Sound travels differently over water than over land. This needs to be taken itno consideration when legislating set backs. The current proposals are absurd for the Bluffs.

  14. Bert Seeliger Says:

    Apparently, the Wolf Island health study will be the first one of this kind on wind turbines impact on health globally.
    Is this correct?
    Thanks, Bert

  15. Maureen Says:

    I moved from Kincardine Township to Paisley to get away from wind turbines. Now, they’re trying to bring them into Arran-Elderslie. We received a letter last week from NextEra Energy (Florida Power and Light) announcing their intention to start a wind study right on top of us! How can we stop them?

  16. dave sheldon Says:

    Excuse me but I accidently overheard a coversation between my neighbour (who has windmills on his prperty)and another individual, that He noticed a woman picking up dead birds under one his windmills and complained about this misguided person.Is a study being done or is this Enbridge cleanup (Coverup)?

  17. dave sheldon Says:

    I read an article a few months ago about the windmills bases changing the oceans currents wouldn’t the affects in a lake be greater ?

  18. Quixote Says:

    Sad that the Liberal Government has driven people to take to the streets to protect what little bit of Democracy we have left. The Liberal leaders right now are bordering on Tyranny and I have never known a letter writing campaign to have much affect on a “Despot”!
    Direct action and criminal charges are now required to stop these corrupt officials. Sad days for Ontario! Our Veterans who have given their lives for this Land will be rolling over in their graves right now! On November 11th of this Year hang our heads collectively for letting those brave warriors down!

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