Essex County

We are a group of concerned citizens in Essex County, Ontario who feel the recent proliferation of wind projects is not an attempt to solve a problem but rather an attempt to make a quick government subsidy-buck. The destruction of our rural countryside is simply not worth the piddly amount of power they produce.

Please contact us if you have concerns with industrial wind turbines in Essex County:

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2 Responses to “Essex County”

  1. greg Says:

    We are having Dr Nina Pierpont on our radio show Feb 28th
    more info contact me at

  2. rage against the machine Says:

    i think building industrial wind turbines in essex county (i.e. leamington) is a step in the right direction! as long as they produce results of course!

    “the destruction of our rural countryside is simply not worth the piddly amount of power they produce”… well, we have to start somewhere! if canadians are ever going grow into renewable energy we have to take small, marginal steps to get there! we won’t wake up one day and suddenly have all our energy demands met by renewable sources. we can’t just wave a wand and say, “presto”, let there be wind turbines! some people think it works that way… but that’s not it. this is all new technology and it will take trial and error to get it right (just like oil drilling took time back a hundred years ago), but that doesn’t mean we should give up. i’m not a quitter. and with this technology we’ll all be better off in the long-run.

    but perhaps people in essex county forget what fresh air smells like. maybe they like living in a pollution hot spot- famous the world over. in this case, we should stick to burning coal and gas for our energy source. look out for number 1 while ignoring the negative externalities associated with fossil fuels! screw everyone else! let’s destroy the commons! coal powered energy & a county covered in greenhouses! yay essex county!

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