Wolfe Island

Our group includes government policy analysts, biologists, teachers, lawyers, nurses, tradesmen, doctors, artisans, farmers, financial advisors and retirees. Some of us will have no vista of the turbines; some of us have had an opportunity to lease our land to the developer and said “no”, some of us will be surrounded by turbines and some of us will see and experience the turbines from a distance.Misson Statement

Wolfe Island Residents for the Environment (WIRE) want to ensure that the 86 wind turbine project for Wolfe Island proposed by Canadian Hydro Development Incorporated complies with all environmental laws. The interests of all of the members of the community needs to be respected and protected.


– to ensure that all environmental assessments of the cumulative effects of the Wolfe Island wind turbine project are conducted and published;

– to inform the public regarding governmental and non-governmental actions, regulations and policy changes;

– to inform the public regarding opportunites for involvement

– to lobby al levels of government regarding issues, concerns and impacts of the proposed turbines on Wolfe Island residents and their environment.

-to protect the beautiful Island communities of Simcoe, Howe and Wolfe Island.

2 Responses to “Wolfe Island”

  1. Lance Says:

    I hope that this project, already delayed unnecessarily, is able to begin construction as soon as possible. After researching everything I can get a hold of on wind power and this project specifically, other than possibly killing some bats the wind turbines will have no local environmental impact. The replacement of coal-generated electricity by non-carbon generation is in the best interest of everyone. If you don’t like the way the turbines look, that is not justifiable reason for trying to stop the wind farm from being constructed. Get with the times people, the sooner these projects get going, the sooner we save the planet.

  2. cw Says:

    OK, Lance, so you’ve researched everything you can. Then, no doubt, you can give me a references where (1) CO2 savings due to wind turbines are documented; (2) a study that shows wildlife habitat is not impacted by a wind farm, and (3) a study that shows actual noise levels at, say, WI’s 400 meters are uniformly safe and non-intrusive. Until you can show me these studies, I’ll remain unconvinced.

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